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Create Holiday Cheer With Custom Tacky Group T-Shirts

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Stop searching for the perfect ugly sweater—create it! Over the last few years, ugly sweaters have been growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. These tacky threads make for a hilarious holiday outfit and let your whole group spread cheer in a whole new way. Whether it’s a repeating pattern with something a little extra thrown in, or a witty holiday slogan or saying, there’s no better way to brighten every holiday event and bring your group together than custom ugly holiday sweater t-shirts for everyone.

To help you take hold of this tacky trend, we’ve collected some of our favorite tacky holiday design templates to help you and your friends create your own tacky group t-shirts or custom sweatshirts for your next party, work event, or a last-minute shopping spree. Now let’s get festive!

Happy Holidays

A custom tacky holiday t-shirt with the words happy holidays on it. The design also features colorful holiday lights and a snowflake pattern

Let’s start out nice and light. This tacky holiday design template combines fun winter themes, like snowflakes, with holiday lights in order to create a colorful tacky design that your friends are sure to love. Switch up the text to share your group’s special holiday message and give the design a custom wrapping of your own to make a custom ugly holiday sweater t-shirt unique to your group just in time to celebrate the season.

Happy Turkey Day

A custom tacky holiday t-shirt that features crossed table utensils, turkeys, footballs, and the text Happy Turkey Day!

If you can’t wait to start celebrating the holidays, fill your plate with this delicious design. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share some holiday cheer with your friends and family through good food, great conversation, and silly shirts for everyone. When you switch to your stretchy pants after the big feast, make sure to don your matching custom ugly holiday t-shirts as well to show off how much fun everyone is having before you all slip into a well-deserved food coma.

Holiday Magic

Custom tacky holiday sweatshirt with unicorns, pine trees, and snowflakes on it and the words holiday magic.

What’s one common feature of every holiday movie? Magic. And what’s more magical than a unicorn? This custom ugly holiday sweater combines the cheerful magic of the holiday season with a different kind of magic, the mythical unicorn. While this might not be the exact fantasy creature we normally associate with the holidays, I for one think unicorns are much more magical than flying reindeer. Maybe Santa should switch up who pulls his sleigh. Just saying.

Hearts and Unicorns

Customs tacky holiday sweatshirt with unicorns and hearts on it.

While we’re on the topic of unicorns, take a look at this wonderful custom ugly holiday sweater design. Unicorns? Check. Hearts? Check. If there’s a better way to show your love for fantastic horned horses while also showing your holiday spirit, I haven’t seen it yet.


Custom tacky holiday sweatshirt with pugs wearing Santa hats in red snowflakes.

Pugs may look grumpy, but don’t let that adorably surly expression throw you off. Pugs love the holidays. It’s a fact. After all, all dogs are good and good dogs get presents from Santa Paws. Whether you’re a veterinary team, volunteer at the local shelter, or own a dog walking service, with this amazing holiday design, you and yours can not only show off how much you love adorable dogs, but you can also help educate people about how much canines care about the holiday season. So don’t be a humpug, share your spirit with the world with this custom ugly holiday sweater shirt!

Meowy Christmas

Custom tacky holiday sweatshirt with images of snowflakes, christmas trees, and two cat silhouettes on it. Includes the text, Meow, meow.

Meow we’re talking. This custom ugly holiday sweater shirt idea celebrates our other favorite pet. Not only do dogs love the holiday season, so do cats. There are trees to climb, ornaments to break, presents to scratch, and candles to knock over. Being a cat lover is an interesting love-hate relationship where the love outweighs the hate just enough to keep your furry friend around for some cuddles. Celebrate the season with this festive feline ugly sweater design that will have you springing from the bed every time you hear jingling bells.

Happy Christmakwanzukka!

Custom tacky sweater with the words Happy Christmakwanzukkah on it. Has images of menorah, pine trees, snowflakes, and the star of david.

Let’s face it, not everyone celebrates the same holidays during this festive season, and sometimes that can lead to a little bit of conflict. So what’s the solution? Celebrate all of the holidays at once! If you’re all about celebrating the spirit of the season and spreading cheer with everyone equally, try out this fun ugly sweater design that combines all of the holidays into a single celebratory portmanteau! Personally, I love cramming words together to create new words, so if you’re wondering if I’m a fan of Christmakwanzukkah, I can tell you that I shirtainly am.


Custom tacky t-shirt template showing a pattern of various dinosaurs.

Looking for the fiercest ugly holiday sweater design? Why not try this delightful dinosaur pattern for your next custom ugly holiday sweater shirt. Terrify your friends with your primal holiday spirit and then add them to your pack with custom dinosaur sweatshirts of their own. Deck the halls with brontosaurus, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-rawr!

Ugly sweaters are all about showing your tacky style. Check out some more designs here, and share your own with us and your friends.

Happy Holidays!

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