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2019 Custom Best Friends Shirts Guide

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This post is a playground! Everything can be edited in our Design Lab and all of the designs shown in this post are templates. You can use them as-is or add to them, adjust them, change colors, and change the product that you print them on. You can also make any order into a group order where you can share a link with your friends and family so that they can get their very own version of your great design. They can each place orders, pay, and have their items shipped directly to them. Bottom line: Have fun with it!

Best Friends Forever

You and your besties share a connection that’s deeper than words. Whether it’s communicating with a look or sharing an inside joke that tells a much longer story, your friendship is built on a long history of shared moments. Whatever it is that shows how close you are, celebrate your bond with some of these awesome best friend design ideas that prove just how inseparable you are. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so show how much you and your best friends can say with these awesome custom best friend shirts and more. 

Two Halves of One Heart

Custom best friend shirts showing two halves of a heart with "best friends" on two separate shirts.

Template: Left heart design

Template: Right heart design

Do you feel incomplete when your BFF isn’t around? Best friends share in all the fun we have, and so it’s no surprise that it can seem like a little piece of us is missing when they miss out on any of our fun adventures.  Show the world how important your buddy is to you with these custom best friend shirts that make it easy to see that you and your bestie are two halves of one practically inseparable whole. Want to make it even more fun? Add this design to your favorite custom drinkware so you can come together every time you clink your glass, cozy up together in custom hoodies that bring your two halves even closer together.

Swole Mates

Custom best friend tank tops that say swole mates on them with a kettlebell replacing the O and the A.

Template: Swole design

Template: Mate design

Rep your friendship while you pump out another rep. You might not have a designated workout partner, but we all have a friend who is there to remind us that it’s okay to get a little sweaty every now and then. Lift up your inspirational amigo with this fun design that says you’re always there to spot another set. Got a whole workout group? Combine the design and make custom best friend shirts for the whole crew, or gear up all of your fitness friends with custom performance wear, gym bags, and water bottles. There’s truly no better way to strengthen your friendships.

Breakfast Buddies

Custom best friend shirts. One shirt Says Best and shows a picture of bacon, the other shirt says Friends and shows an image of an egg.

Template: Bacon design

Template: Egg design

Brunch anyone? There are few things in life that make a better pair than bacon and eggs, but you and your besties might be the exception. You stick together through the good times and the bad, and always make it to brunch the next morning, even if you need a good pair of sunglasses the whole way there. Give the world a taste of just how tight your group is with this awesome design for custom best friends shirts that also pairs well with hashbrowns, hot sauce, and bottomless mimosas (just to name a few more ideas).

Salt and Pepper

Custom best friend shirts with a salt shaker on one and a pepper shaker on the other.

Template: Salt design

Template: Pepper design

They say variety is the spice of life, but if you ask me it’s salt and pepper. Not only do these two seasonings go a long way in making a mediocre meal taste amazing, but they also go great on just about everything, including sweet things! Have you ever put salt on a grapefruit? Try it. You’ll thank me later. The best thing about salt and pepper, though, is that they truly make the perfect pair. That’s why these custom best friend shirts are a great way to spice up your friendship and show how great you and your buddy go together. The best part? You can easily add in some more spices for all your closest friends! After all, where do you think the Spice Girls got their name?

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Custom best friend tank tops that show an image of jelly and peanut butter.

Template: Jelly design

Template: Peanut butter design

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Just like this classic combination, best friends come in endless varieties. This delicious design is perfect for not only custom best friend shirts but also for your entire friend group as well. Add a little personalization with fun nicknames for all your closest friends and come together to create the biggest friendship sandwich ever seen. Whether you’re the classic grape jelly friend or the crazy wildberry companion, spread the love and connect with your peanut butter buddies with squad shirts that show right you are for one another.

Partners in Wine

Custom best friend shirts in pink and blue that say "Partners in Wine".

Template: Partners in wine design

This custom best friend shirt design is perfect for the group of friends who are always getting into trouble together. When you and your besties uncork a bottle of wine, there’s bound to be a little mischief in the making. Your closest friends are always there to encourage your craziest ideas while keeping you grounded from making any permanent mistakes. And when it’s time to relive your greatest getaways and best friend vacations together? Well, grab a bottle or two of your favorite red and a custom tumbler or wine glass because it’s going to be a long evening of recounting all of your greatest adventures.

Sweet and Wild

Custom best friend tank tops with different messages. One shirt says "I'm the sweet one", and the other shirt says "I'm the wild one".

Template: I’m the sweet one design

Template: I’m the wild one design

Every friendship has a different dynamic, and now it’s easier than ever to reveal yours to the world. These custom best friend shirts let you live your truth while keeping you honest about who’s most likely to order another round when everyone else is ready to go. With this fun design, it’s easy to tell why opposites attract, and even easier to see why your friendship is built to last, even when you don’t agree on what constitutes a late night.

BFF means best friends forever, and that’s exactly how long the memories you make with your bestie will last. Show how much your companions in crime mean to you with these best friend t-shirt design ideas, or create your own custom best friend shirt and share it with us. Friendship is a wonderful thing, and we’re here to help you make every moment you spend together even more amazing.

Grant is the Copywriter at Custom Ink. He loves stories of all kinds and actively seeks to enthrall everyone around him with exciting tales, even if they’re about everyday events. Outside of storytelling, Grant loves to immerse himself in movies, television, books, and games, as well as go exploring in order to draw inspiration for the worlds in his mind.

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