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Custom Ink’s Custom Pens Buying Guide

When you think of a pen you might think it’s simple–blue or black ink with a cap. But really, there are so many great kinds of pens out there, and we’ve got a lot of them that you can customize. Whether you’re looking for a smooth roller ball, a classic ballpoint, or are tech savvy and need a stylus, we’ve got something for everyone. Below is our custom pens buying guide to help you find the perfect pen for your business, giveaway, or to simply put your thoughts down on paper.

Luna Roller Ball

The Luna Roller Ball will be a staple in your writing repertoire. It has a cap off design with a gloss black enamel upper barrel, and carbon fiber detailing on the lower barrel. It has stand-out chrome accents along with black ink. We love the sleek design of this pen and how your logo on the cap will stand out for any event or at your office.

Ambassador Square Ballpoint

The Ambassador Square Ballpoint is a ballpoint pen with a unique square shape and a removable cap. It also has a metal pen clip so you can store it on the side of your journal or notebook. It has black ink and comes in a range of fun exterior hues–we love the lime and navy! And, you can print up to three colors on the side, so you can make your design really pop with all the great color options.

Nash Matte Ballpoint Pen-Stylus w/ Light

The Nash Matte Ballpoint Pen-Stylus w/ Light seriously does it all. It has a twist-action ballpoint pen along with a soft rubber stylus so you can use it on your touchscreen devices. When the pen is closed, the stylus is ready to be used. There’s a white LED light at the end of the barrel that you can turn on and off with a slide button. This pen gives us all the spy-action vibes and we’re sure your company’s design would look great on the upper barrel. We’d sure love to get one of these at a trade show!

Kennedy Metal Ballpoint Pen

If you’re looking for chic, look no further than the Kennedy Metal Ballpoint Pen. It comes standard with a retractable ballpoint and gives you a smooth writing experience no matter what you’re working on. With an aluminum barrel and clip, it’s available in silver or a sharp black. We love the way the laser engraving makes logos really pop on the black color. This pen is perfect for your client giveaway, promotional event, or even for keeping around (and for being swiped by clients) at your local business.

Dual-Tip Ballpoint Pen-Highlighter

The Dual-Tip Ballpoint Pen-Highlighter is our favorite kind of two-faced. Gone are the days of carrying around one too many writing utensils. This has a combination twist-action ballpoint pen along with a single color chisel-tip highlighter. The pen has a Swiss nib and a German ink cartridge–talk about high end! It comes in a bunch of colors like a cool silver with a blue highlighter or a bright white with a yellow highlighter. These are great for personalizing for your school or education staff!


For something totally out of the box and fun, customize the Tri-Highlighter. It’s a triangle unit that has three different colored highlighter chisel tips–green, pink, and yellow. You can put your logo on a black or white version in up to three colors if you really want to make it pop. We’d for sure include these on a giveaway table–people will be lining up to take one (and your branding) home with them.

Carabiner Highlighter

You’ll never lose your highlighter again with the Carabiner Highlighter! This product has a single-color highlighter with a carabiner clip top. The highlighter color and trim color match for a cohesive look. Grab yours in blue, green, orange, and yellow, and put your logo on the side. This would be great for someone always working on the go and in need of a bright writing device–just clip it onto you bag, keys, or notebook, and you’ll never be without it!

Now that you’re done reading, are you ready to get writing? We hope this guide inspired you to write down something great with one of these awesome products. What kind of pens do you plan to customize? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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