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10 Custom Keychains with Style and Function

Posted By Kate Degen

Leave the days of losing your keys behind you–with the right keychain, they’ll be that much easier to find and keep. You might be familiar with our offering here at Custom Ink, but did you know we have a new site featuring tons of great promotional products? Custom Ink Promo features a super simple logo upload that’s great for businesses. Whether you’re looking for something classic like a chrome keychain or want something with lights, tools, and all the bells and whistles, Custom Ink has got a great lineup of products to choose from. Take a look at our list below that features keychains from both Custom Ink and Custom Ink Promo.

Keychains from Custom Ink

  1. Full Color Flip Power Bank Key Chain

  2. Power up on the go with a power bank keychain. Forget having to remember to throw your regular power bank into your bag, with one of these babies, it will always be with you when you leave the house. The Full Color Flip Power Bank Key Chain has built in dual lightning and Android connectors. It makes charging on the go so easy, just plug your phone in and you’re off!

  3. Neoprene Wrist Strap Keychain

  4. You can’t go wrong with classic, which is why we’re so into the Neoprene Wrist Strap Keychain. Its simple Neoprene design lets your logo stand out, and it comes in a rainbow of great colors. It’s perfect for trade shows or promotional giveaways for your company. We love that it has the traditional look of a keychain, but stretches to fit around your wrist for safe keeping.

  5. Stretchable Stainless Steel Reusable Straw

  6. Reusable straws are all the rage lately, and who wouldn’t be on board with helping out the environment? The Stretchable Stainless Steel Reusable Straw is such a cool keychain option. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel and has a silicone tip. By having it on a keychain clasp, you’ll never be without it every time to run to the coffee shop.

    Keychains from Custom Ink Promo

  7. Aztec Multi Tool Keylight

  8. For a keychain that does it all, look no further than the Aztec Multi Tool Keylight. It’s a 5-in-1 multitool keychain that has the tools you might need when you’re in a bind or on the go. It has a flashlight, bottle opener, knife, flat head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver. This keychain has got you covered whether you need to open a beer at a party or fix a loose screw around the house!

  9. Oval Valet Key Ring

  10. Looking for a keychain for your business or tradeshow that exudes class and usability? Then go for the Oval Valet Key Ring. This timeless keychain is the perfect backdrop for your logo. One side has a twist-action metal split key ring and the other has a push/pull key ring. It’s laser engravable, which gives the design a clean, distinguished look.

  11. Illuminator LED Keylight

  12. Having a keychain with a flashlight is great for convenience and safety. The Illuminator LED Keylight comes in black or blue, and has five bright LED lights with 5,000 hours of battery life–this thing will be running until you’re old and gray! It has an easy rubber on/off button, and your logo can go right up the length of it. We’d love to scoop one of these up at a conference or tradeshow.

  13. Bottle Opener & Keylight Combo

  14. Is there anything worse than getting ready to crack open a cold one, and realizing you don’t have a bottle opener? Never have it happen again with the Key-Light / Bottle Opener. It’s a metal bottle opener with a split key ring and a white LED light. Just squeeze it to turn the light on and off. Carrying your keys around with this ring can help you find your way and save the party when you forget your bottle opener.

  15. Lantern Carabiner Light

  16. Light your way on the go with the Lantern Carabiner Light. It has an industrial look with the function to match. With three white LED lights, it can be used as a flashlight or lantern–just slide the power switch to turn it on and off. This keychain is great if you’re outdoorsy or park in a dark garage. We also love that it comes in brighter colors so it makes your keys stand out.

  17. COB Keylight with Carabiner

  18. For those who need a light but have their hands full, check out our COB Keylight with Carabiner. It has a magnet on the bottom that sticks to a metal surface to light your space while you work. It also has bright, less bright, and flashing functions–you could definitely use the flashing function while running or biking to make yourself seen. This would make a great giveaway product for construction companies or fitness studios.

  19. Carabiner with Compass

  20. The Carabiner with Compass is the perfect keychain if you’re all about adventure. It’s an 8mm carabiner with a woven nylon strap and a metal split key ring. With its climbing-esque look and compass on the strap, it’s a great accessory for taking on your hike or outdoor event. Find your keys, strap it on your backpack, and go! We could see these with the logo of an outdoor apparel company or bike shop on them.

    We hope we helped you narrow down what you’re looking for in a keychain. These products are proof that keychains aren’t just for holding your keys! Want to make one of these your own? Click the product links above to add your logo and make it one of a kind.

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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