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Space Saving Tips for Designing Your Own Flash Drive

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This post is a playground! Everything can be edited in our Design Lab and all of the designs shown in this post are templates. You can use them as-is or add to them, adjust them, change colors, and change the product that you print them on. You can also make any order into a group order where you can share a link with your friends and family so that they can get their very own version of your great design. They can each place orders, pay, and have their items shipped directly to them. Bottom line: Have fun with it!

Whether you’re a small tech start-up ready to hit the ground running or an established business people know like the back of their hand, you and your team can benefit from a well-designed custom flash drive! At some point, we’ve probably all owned one but how many of us have actually come up with a design for one? Due to their small size, we can see how creating a design for a flash drive can seem a bit daunting. But with the following tips, we hope you’ll discover some easy space-saving tips for creating your own powerful and effective custom flash drive design. 

Stack Text & Media:

custom white flash drive that says DIY print with a fingerprint between the text

Make your brand the focal point while creating visual interest by including some relevant clipart or your company’s logo in between two sets of text. This design set up makes for a clean, legible design on your custom flash drive that customers will appreciate as soon as they look at it. 


Utilize Silhouettes: 

red custom flash drive with dancer silhouettes and the words STEPS on it

Including silhouettes in your design is a great move for a school dance team. The silhouettes give the custom flash drive design movement and keep things interesting and fun while not overdoing it with too many details. You get the message loud and clear in a fun and enticing way. Jazz it up and feel free to change things around to match your team’s needs. 

Play With Negative Space: 

black custom flash drive with 505 text and a landscape cut out of the 0 circle shape

Kill two birds with one stone by using an effective and interesting visual metaphor for your custom flash drive design. Designs that make people think are the ones they’re most likely to remember, and it’s a great way to stand out at conferences or job fairs among all the other free swag your future clients might get. 

Highlight Your Wordmark Logo: 

orange custom flash drive with company wordmark

For a clean and easy option, you can stick to just showing off your wordmark logo for your next order of custom flash drives. It’s official and makes you look professional. Not to mention studies show that people gravitate towards square and rectangular designs because they show a sense of stability and trust. Perfect for all you marketing firms out there. 

Highlight Your Graphical Logo: 

blue custom flash drive with royal lion clipart

Say you’re a well-known business that’s been around for a while. Or a school with a prominent and memorable logo. Use that to your advantage when you’re designing your next custom flash drive and simply upload your company or school’s logo, because like they always say: a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Combine Your Wordmark & Graphical Logo:

purple custom flash drive with M logo and Modern text

Businesses in the creative field, like photo studios, tend to be able to get away with more abstract logos, but sometimes, without text to back it up, a potential client might not remember what your services are. Combining text and your company’s logo when designing your custom flash drives is a great way to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Share a Link with More Info:  

pink custom flash drive with logo, company name, and website url

If you’re a tech or data company, chances are you can’t communicate every service you provide on a custom flash drive. Keep it simple when creating your design, and along with your company’s logo and name, include a link to your site for people to reference and bookmark later on their own time. 

Hopefully, with the tips above you’ve realized that not only are custom flash drives powerful when it comes to storing and sharing information but also when it comes to highlighting your company in a simple, effective, and creative way. Try out these design templates or come up with your original design the next time your company is invited to a conference or trade show! 

Monica has been working with Custom Ink for about 7 years. Although she mostly works as a Designer on the Art & Design team, she enjoys bringing different worlds together through words. When not designing or writing, you can find her traveling to various cons, sporting events or just hanging out with her dog, Benny

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