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Best Colors for Eye-Catching Custom Banners

How Custom Ink works

This post is a playground! Everything can be edited in our Design Lab and all of the designs shown in this post are templates. You can use them as-is or add to them, adjust them, change colors, and change the product that you print them on. You can also make any order into a group order where you can share a link with your friends and family so that they can get their very own version of your great design. They can each place orders, pay, and have their items shipped directly to them. Bottom line: Have fun with it!

What Colors Say About Your Brand

How long does it take for someone to form an opinion about your business? According to research, most people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of viewing it, and up to 90% of that assessment can be based on color alone. To make the most impact in a limited amount of time, use the psychology of color to determine the right shade to help your brand break through the clutter.

Red: Excited, Youthful, and Bold

Rev your engine and crank the dial to 11. Red is the color of thrill seekers, risk takers, and those living on the edge. A red banner inspires excitement and gives a sense of youthful energy, making it the perfect color to catch attention (notice which color I led with?). The intensity of this color inspires strong emotions, but it’s the easiest color to overdo, so it’s best to use it sparingly. Drive action with red buttons and callouts, or draw attention to your most important message with a bright red custom banner that stands out no matter where you put it.

Orange: Friendly, Cheerful, and Confident

We all know someone who can talk to anyone about anything. That’s the color orange. It’s confident and grabs attention like the color red but does it in a much softer way. This orange banner creates a feeling of cheerfulness and camaraderie that draws attention without scaring people away. Orange works well to show that you know what you’re doing without being too pushy. It might not stand out as much as red, but the softer approach it takes towards attracting customers could be just the mood you need to create in order to connect with your customers in a friendly way.

Yellow: Optimistic, Clear, and Warm

When you’re walking on sunshine, yellow feels good. There are a lot of happy songs about the sun and for good reason. If you’re looking to brighten someone’s day, there’s no better color for a custom banner than a nice, positive yellow. It’s easy to see why this bright color is associated with warm, optimistic feelings and the summer season. A little touch of yellow will help associate your message with something positive and grab attention in a softer way than orange or red. There’s also something pure about yellow that gives people a feeling that everything is going okay. So set up this yellow banner and make your customers happy even when skies are gray.

Pink: Passionate, Friendly, and Fun

While pink is frequently associated with a female audience (fun fact: it was originally a masculine color), there’s much more to this striking color than what’s on the surface. Pink has a deep connection with the idea of unconditional love, and its use on your custom banners can convey the passion you have for what you do. It elicits a strong emotional response and inspires friendship in people like the color orange, but in a more playful way. Show off how much you love what you do or make a stunning statement by adding a little splash of this fun color to this banner or any of your key messages.

Purple: Creative, Imaginative, and Wise

Looking to power up your message? Pump a little purple into this custom banner. Commonly associated with royalty or nobility, purple imparts a feeling of wisdom that makes customers feel comfortable with coming to you. It’s also a great color to use when you’re looking to connect customers to something creative as its deep roots serve to inspire people’s imaginations. Using the color purple is all about weaving the right narrative, and with the right design template, you can go from showing your strength to opening up a world of ideas for interested explorers. Just be careful, because too much purple can come across as a little arrogant. There’s a reason it’s associated with royalty, after all.

Blue: Trustful, Dependable, and Strong

Team up with a color you can rely on. Blue might not be as attention-grabbing as some of the flashier colors, but when you add a shade of blue to your custom banner, you create a sense of dependability. This is the perfect way to connect to customers who need to trust you and your work, whether it’s taking care of their pets or restoring a precious heirloom to a prior state of glory. Brands love to use blue to connect customers to quality guarantees, and this banner in blue will make sure you stand out as a reliable business in your customers’ minds.

Green: Peaceful, Lively, and Healthy

Whatever you’ve heard, green is not an ugly color. True to its natural roots, green is a symbol of life and health, inspiring thoughts of growth, prosperity, and generosity. It’s another calm color, like blue, and gives customers a sense of peace and ease that rolls over into their thoughts about your brand. A green banner is great for showing off your eco-friendly practices, or for connecting to health and fitness circles. Its positive energy gives people inspiration for the future and is the perfect color to make a custom banner feel like the start of something good.

In a world saturated with advertising, how your brand is perceived is decided in mere seconds. By choosing the right color for your message, you can ensure you stand out from the crowd and connect with your customers in the right way. The psychology of color plays an important role in how we make all of our decisions throughout the day. So, pick your perfect color, create a memorable design, and let your custom banner fly.

Grant is the Copywriter at Custom Ink. He loves stories of all kinds and actively seeks to enthrall everyone around him with exciting tales, even if they’re about everyday events. Outside of storytelling, Grant loves to immerse himself in movies, television, books, and games, as well as go exploring in order to draw inspiration for the worlds in his mind.

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