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Valentine’s Day – Couples & Galentine’s Ideas

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Get ready couples and singles—Valentine’s Day 2019 is upon us! Whether you plan to take a sick day and hide under your covers to avoid the overt displays of affection, or if you’re in love with love and can’t wait to see the romance that waits for you this year, check out our top ideas for both couples and groups this Valentine’s Day. Don’t wait until the last minute to pull off that grand romantic gesture or to plan a fab celebration with your faves. Make this Valentine’s Day the best yet, single or coupled up!

Top Ideas for Couples this Valentine’s Day

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Go beyond what’s expected—ditch the roses and boxed chocolate for a much sweeter Valentine’s Day with our top ideas.

Be Original

It’s 2019—don’t waste your SO’s time with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates—step outside of the Valentine’s Day comfort zone with this twist on traditional. Artist or not, a hand drawn card with a personalized message is sure to win points. What could make an “I only have eyes for you” construction paper creation complete with googly eyes better? Pair it with a succulent or two. These water retaining cuties are resilient to even the brownest thumb and can hip up the most boring cubicle or corner at home. Roses will be dead by the end of the week, but these little guys are sure to thrive all year long—just like your love!

A Homecooked Meal

Going out on Valentine’s Day can be a real bummer between the crowds and the overworked wait staff. Avoid the mess and stay cozy at home with your loved one this year. Whether you fancy yourself a mini Julia Child with plenty of cooking experience or if preparing Kraft Mac & Cheese is considered a risk, pick a meal that’s at your skill level. Cooking together should be fun, but if you’re really not feeling confident in your abilities, play it safe and keep a pizza place on speed dial. Make the experience even better by ordering customized hoodies to cozy up in together. His otter half? Does it get any cuter?

Play Hooky

Take the (planned) day off of work to simply just enjoy each other’s company. Have a nice relaxing breakfast. Spend the day in your PJ’s. Turn off your phones, stay off your laptops, and don’t answer the door. It’ll be the perfect low-key Valentine’s Day to reconnect and get some rest.

Couples Massages

If you’re starting to feel 2019 already, arrange for the perfect Valentine’s Day relaxation with couples massages. Look into spas in your area for pampering together. It’s tough to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to accurately show your love, so forget all that stress and relax together as someone else works out those aches and pains. Keep that zen feeling going by heading to a favorite brunch spot for mimosas and egg white omelettes afterwards.

Go Adventurous

If your Valentine is more likely to go for adventure over that grand romantic gestures, plan a day that’s just their style. Since February can be notoriously chilly, check into indoor rock climbing—it’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping! Pack a picnic basket and find a spot nearby with a great view to enjoy a car picnic together afterward. Not into rock climbing? Choose an experience over a gift this Valentine’s Day and look into concerts or comedy clubs in the area. Plan for dinner and drinks beforehand for the ultimate date night. He/she will be sure to brag about what you did together for years to come.


Turn your bedroom or living room into your ultimate dream destination. If camping is your thing, set up a romantic fort complete with twinkling lights, comfy pillows, and cozy blankets. If you prefer the beach, decorate the space with beach towels, leis, and beach balls. Get some snacks or come up with a meal to go with the theme. This ‘non voyage’ with your partner will be just as special as the real deal.

Sweet Tooth

If your loved one has a major sweet tooth, spoil them with sugar all day long! Start the morning off right with pancakes cut into hearts with cookie cutters. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with hot chocolate. Kick that hot cocoa up a notch with dreamy heart shaped whipped cream. Spread whipped cream out on a lined cookie sheet with raised edges and freeze for 20 minutes— use a cookie cutter to pop out little hearts and freeze over night. This sweet touch will make a tasty drink that much sweeter. Send them off to work with homemade raspberry tarts for a midday sweet treat. Decorate with pink frosting and heart shaped sprinkles. Dessert that night should be especially decadent! Prepare a double chocolate cake or super rich cheesecake garnished with strawberries. Even the sweetest tooth will have met it’s match after this sugary marathon!

Top Ideas for Galentine’s Day/Group Celebrations

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Leave your significant other at home or celebrate your single status with those who show you love year round.

Switch It Up

Does your crew meet for brunch every third Sunday of the month without fail? Switch up your routine! Swap out 11 am mimosas and bloody marys for dinner at a new Mexican eatery instead. You’ll be so busy laughing over tacos and margaritas that any single friends will have forgotten all about Cupid skipping over them this year.

Mixology Class

Get the girls together to hit up a mixology class together. You’ll be able to mix and muddle your way to the tastiest concoctions together. The best part of playing bartender? You’re totally allowed to drink on the job. To make sure you and your gals are ready for shaking and sipping together, get heavy apps at a local hot spot. You and your crew will be ready to soak up the drinks with the best company at this romance forbidden night out. After you’ve left the class, take your newfound skills for a test drive at home!

Get Crafty

Host your own wine and paint night. Provide some blank canvases, paint, and brushes. Find a step-by-step instruction guide online, or print out a few different artworks from the Internet and provide some tracing paper so those who aren’t so artsy feel comfortable. If you’re short on time (and cash), ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine and appetizer to share. You and you’re girls will have a blast sipping and sketching the night away.

Bar Crawl or Winery Tour

Go all out in the name of friendship this Galentine’s Day by organizing a bar crawl or winery visit for you and your favorites. Celebrate safely and arrange for a party bus or shuttle to take you to each destination. Map out your love-less tour of the town by choosing a few favorites mixed in with trendy new hotspots. If your group is big enough, call ahead for preferential seating and deals for drinks once you arrive. If you’re lucky enough to have a ton of wineries in the area, class up your single affair with some red and white. To make this booze cruise through town one to remember, design custom t-shirts to commemorate your Galentine’s together. Custom Galentine’s Day t-shirts will remind you year round that these friends are way better than a Valentine’s date!

Girls’ Night In

Grab your girls and your favorite pair of sweats and get ready for the ultimate girl’s night in. Load up on popcorn, candy, and wine. Watch your favorite romantic comedy or binge the newest season of your favorite Bravo show. Break out some classic board games like charades and Scrabble. It’s the perfect old school way to get together all the lovely ladies in your life!

Products You Love Party

Have your girls over for a party inspired by everyone’s must have product of the moment. Set a reasonable price limit (around $10 a person is plenty since it can add up quick!) and have each person bring one product for each guest. From a now nail polish color to that workout headband your BFF can’t live without, each attendee leaves with a ton of great new products to try out. Think of it as your own Oscars style swag bag!

Brunch Potluck

If your crew always struggles to get together between work and family obligations, this is the perfect way to celebrate Galentine’s Day together. It can be tough to squeeze in quality time between driving to brunch, waiting for a table, and deciding between the eggs benedict and the blueberry pancakes. Skip all the hassle and invite your gals over for a brunch potluck. Have everyone bring their signature dish, no matter the level of skill involved in preparation. Quiche lorraine, french toast casserole, and canned cinnamon rolls are all welcome. You’ll be able to skip the trouble and the wait, instead getting right to what matters— catching up with your crew! Just keep the mimosas flowing and the bacon stocked for the bloody marys.

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration this Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine’s Day Quotes and Sayings. Custom Ink also has a ton of great design ideas to perfect your Valentine’s Day apparel. Single or head over heels, we’ve got you covered!

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