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7 Graduation Party Favors & Ideas

Graduation season is all about celebrating the amazing achievements of the grads in your life–as well as all the exciting milestones to come. One of our favorite ways to celebrate? A graduation party! Whether you’re gathering with your family for a small affair, or inviting the whole school, there’s tons of great ways to make your celebration stand out. We love custom favors like koozies and stickers for grads to take to college with them, and sentimental activities like a slideshow of the grad with all their friends throughout high school. Below are some of our favorite graduation party favors and ideas.

7 Graduation Party Favors & Ideas

  1. Koozies
  2. Everyone loves a koozie, especially a new grad. Customize koozies with their school colors–either the school they’re leaving or the one they’re headed to! Put a photo of them with their friends on it, or a fun saying that will remind them of home. One of our favorites is keeping it simple with a “SCHOOL NAME class of 2019” on the front. This makes the perfect favor, since the grad and all of his or her friends can take it to college with them as a keepsake. It’ll have everyone on campus asking “where did you get that?!” To create your own koozie favor, we’d use the Full Color Photo Can Cooler. We love all the bright color options and it’s made for adding full color photos.

  3. “For when…” Envelopes for the Grad
  4. Graduation is an exciting time, but it can be a scary one, too. There’s a great big world out there, whether the grad is headed to college and away from home for the first time, or graduating college and on their way to the big city for their first real job. Help squash their doubts and gives them some confidence with heartfelt “for when…” envelopes. Have your family write them together, or even get their best friends to help out! Compile a box of envelopes such as “for when you miss home,” “for when you doubt yourself,” “for when you feel stuck,” or “for when you get the hang of it all.” Your grad can open up the envelopes during the good and hard times to get a reminder of home.

  5. Water Bottles
  6. By now everyone knows that they need to drink more water (the struggle is real, right?) And we can’t imagine it’s easy to stay up on the H20 game when starting new classes or a new job. So make it easy for the grads in your life by personalizing water bottles for them to take on their next chapter. Add an inspiring or funny quote that they’ll love, or use a classic monogram with their initials. For larger groups, use a group logo, saying, or nickname so they’ll always think of each other. Our pick is the 25 oz. CamelBak Chute Mag. It has an angled spout that gives a high flow of water without spilling. And its magnetic top makes sure it stays put, making one-handed drinking a breeze!

  7. Stickers & Magnets
  8. Kids love to show off their pride–help them out with custom stickers & magnets! These are the perfect items for personalizing with class mascots or years. Add your favorite tiger, bear, or viking, or create a unique piece of 2019 (or any year) art. They’ll love sticking a magnet to their car or dorm fridge, or using custom stickers on their laptops. Check out our Full Color 2.5 Inch Circle Magnets for your favors. It comes in tons of great colors, making it super easy to match your school spirit.

  9. Sunglasses
  10. The sun never sets…on a new grad! Sunglasses are a fun and functional graduation party favor. Pass them out as guests arrive so they can wear them all party long. They’ll also be extra special keepsakes when everyone heads in their own directions at the end of the summer. We can see these being worn at dorm parties, study sessions, or work retreats in the future. For an extra-cool factor, customize the Malibu Bottle Opener Sunglasses. Not only are these perfect for the party (21+ of course) but will make the grad and their friends a life saver the next time they’re at a celebration with no bottle openers.

  11. Photo Mural Wall
  12. Who doesn’t love a good photo op? Create your own mural wall using photos from all the years of the graduate’s life. From the first day of kindergarten with Mom & Dad, to prom weekend with best friends, gather as many photos as you can for this unique idea. Using a blank wall inside, a fence in the yard, or even the side of the house, use chalk to write out the graduation year in block numbers. Then, tape all the photos inside the number shapes. You’ll have an awesome “2019” wall that won’t just give the grad all the feels, but will have everyone wanting to snap a pic or pose for a sentimental shot in front of it.

  13. Custom Hashtag
  14. Since you’ve already created an Instagram-worthy shot with your graduation year photo wall, don’t forget a hashtag! Come up with a one of a kind monicker for your party. Whether you use the graduate’s last name like #schmidtdidit or their soon to be alma mater #loutakesNYU, they’ll love how much thought you put into making their day extra special. Create a sign or chalkboard that the guests will see when they arrive with the hashtag info so they know to use it throughout the party. At the end, the grad will have a digital keepsake album of all their favorite people. We’re sure they’ll be clicking on it when they get a little homesick first semester.

    How are you making your graduation party special for the grad of honor? Tell us about your fun plans and favors in the comments below!

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