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23 Dance Team Sayings

Get ready to bust out your best dance moves with a new dance team saying or slogan. This list is sure to inspire your group to twirl their way to the top. Browse our list of dance team sayings below and pick your favorite. Once you find one you like, boogie on over to our design lab where you can customize t-shirts, tank tops, and more.

23 Dance Team Sayings & Slogans

Take More Chances, Dance More Dances

Plié. Chassé. Jeté. All Day.

When in Doubt, Dance it Out

My Heart Beats in 8 Counts

The World is Your Stage

Life’s Better When You Dance

Why Be Moody When You Can Shake Your Booty

Dance Your Heart Out

Straight Outta Dance Class

Our Kicks are Higher Than Your IQ

Dance Mode: ON

Dance with Passion or Not at All

Pop, Lock, & Rock It

Never Miss a Chance To Dance

Dance is the Language of the Soul

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

It’s a Dance Thing

Dance Til Your Feet Hurt

You’re the Quick Quick to My Slow

Meet Me at the Barre, it’s Going Down

Another Day, Another Plié

Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams

Ready, Set, Dance!

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