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Trendy Drinkware & Fun Designs

We all have that favorite piece of drinkware–a custom coffee mug with your school logo, a tumbler from your unforgettable bachelorette, or a trendy copper water bottle that makes you feel like a million bucks at the gym. No matter what you’re sipping on, it tastes best in the right drinkware. Here at Custom Ink, we’ve got tons of drinkware for any occasion. Plastic cups for your pep rally? Got them! Unique wine tumblers for your birthday party? We’ve got those too! It’s easy to customize any cup, mug, or bottle for your group or event. And don’t forget to check out our fun drinkware designs–they’re the whipped cream on top of that frappe! Check out some of our favorite drinkware products below, and templates you can customize them with.

Unique Material Koozies

Everyone loves a koozie, but how fun are these Heathered Jersey Neoprene Koozies? Never has a can of beer or seltzer been so stylish. The trim comes in 10 colors that perfectly accent the classic heather gray, making them perfect for your sporting event, vacation, or fundraiser. Our design of choice for this unique item? Your team mascot in a color to match the colored top stripe! Or, add your sorority name on the fun pattern of our Moroccan Tile Foldable Can Cooler.

Frosted Plastic Cups

Reusable plastic cups aren’t just good for the environment, they’re fun to drink out of, too! We love the timeless twist on stadium cups with these Frosted Plastic Stadium Cups. They’re perfect for classier events like a wedding or fundraiser. Customize them with your initials or wedding monogram and give them to your guests to use for their drinks for the night, then they can take them home to remember the fun! If you like a more classic look, check out our Plastic Stadium Cups for your sporting event or bar crawl.

Metal Water Bottles

A chic water bottle might just be the motivation you need to get in a sweat sesh. We know our 17oz Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle makes us want to get to the gym! We love this bottle in the rose gold color, which is perfect for your bootcamp group or to sell at your yoga studio. Our fav design? “Wine or water?”—it’s a fun way to personalize your bottle and will have people asking where you got it from…and what you’re sipping on. Or, put your favorite “Om” saying on our new 22oz Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with a spill resistant lid. It’s perfectly accessorized by your yoga mat!

One of a Kind Iced Coffee Tumblers

Buying coffee every day can add up, so make your own and put it in your specially designed tumbler! Our 16oz Insulated Vortex Tumbler is perfect for hot and cold coffee, and even comes with a straw. These are perfect as a gift for your coffee-loving friend or for selling at your local coffee shop. Add a fun “Life Begins After Coffee” design, or your own graphic or logo.

Seasonal Mugs


As soon as September hits, you know what that means. It’s pumpkin spice season! Whether you love pumpkin spice lattes or some pumpkin-flavored creamer in your tea, embrace the fall season and curl up with your favorite pumpkin drink in a personalized pumpkin mug. Let the world know what you’re sipping on with a classic “pumpkin spice latte” mug, or get ready for the holiday season (whether you love or dread it) with a hot cocoa mug. We love the 14oz Ceramic Two Tone White Minolo Mug for your festive drinkware.

Bottle Openers & Coasters

Got enough cups and mugs? That’s ok! Personalize bottle openers for your business or promotional event! Celebrating the grand opening of your brewery? Give out customized Stainless Steel Bottle Openers to your new customers. Another great promotional drinkware item? Custom coasters! We love our Round Stone Coasters as a personal touch to any event. Customize them with your business graphic–like for your paint and sip night!

What’s your favorite piece of drinkware? Is it something you use everyday, or do you save it for special occasions? Let us know in the comments below!

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