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How to Pack Shirts when Traveling, a Step-by-Step Guide

Posted By Lissa Eckert

Getting ready to jet set for a 2-week European vacation and need to make the most of your suitcase real estate? Or, are you hiking and looking for the best way to store everything in your backpack? Learn how easy it is to pack shirts for travel when you have the right technique! This step by step tutorial will walk you through rolling t-shirts for the perfectly packed bag. This technique promises minimal wrinkles and maximum space saving. Never pulling out the hotel iron and having space for souvenirs? Yes, please!

Instructions for How to Pack Shirts

  1. Lay it flat
  2. shirt laying flat

    Place your shirt on a flat surface

  3. Fold bottom
  4. a shirt's hem is folded in

    Fold a few inches of the bottom hem under.

  5. Fold into thirds
  6. a shirt if folded in thirds

    Fold your shirt into thirds keeping sleeves tucked in.

  7. Roll it up
  8. a shirt is rolled up

    Roll from the bottom up, keeping the fabric as smooth as possible.

  9. Tuck it in
  10. a shirt's hem is tucked over

    Tuck the rolled t-shirt into the folded hem.

  11. Pack it up
  12. rolled shirts packed in a backpack

    Place rolled tees in a backpack horizontally to maximize space.

Where’s your next trip taking you? Tell us what adventure you’re packing for in the comments!

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