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Ink of the Week Winners

York Anesthetist Students ROCK!” and “Schulte Camporee” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

Students of York College of Pennsylvania’s Nurse Anesthetist Program partake in an annual Olympics each June. It’s a way for them to get out of the classroom, which they’ve been dedicated to for 36 straight months, and get out on a field to have fun. It’s also a way for seniors to connect with juniors and novice students. The event is such an awesome time that faculty members have also become involved over the years. The group breaks out into teams for the event, complete with different colored, custom t-shirts of course!

The Schulte family gets together several times throughout the year to celebrate major holidays, but every three years, they set time aside for the Schulte Camporee, an outdoor event that celebrates generation after generation. The event has occurred for over 20 years and this year, family members enjoyed their time in Santa Claus, Indiana with their “Christmas in July” custom tees. The design turned out fabulous on every shirt, whether it was a onesie or an XXXL. Judging by the smiles on these faces, the group had a great time!
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