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Ink of the Week Winners

by Jeslyn Stiles

in Customer Stories

Annual Family Vacation Shirts” and “Wear Red for Public Education” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

These annual family vacation t-shirts have become such a hot commodity that requests are flowing in from those unable to make the trip, and from those who aren’t even a member of the family! The Romouw family rents several cabins each year and gather as many family members as possible for weeklong fun – complete with custom tees! Everyone loves how easy it is to choose their own size and color, plus the compliments they receive throughout the year!

Teachers from the Middletown School District in Middletown, New York, showed support for public education by wearing custom shirts containing original artwork created by one of the kindergarten students. When organizing the order, the goal was to see 200 shirts. The design was such a hit that the group was able to sell over 430! Show your support for this group with the hashtag #IAMAPUBLICSCHOOLTEACHER!

Visit the contest and Like your favorites.

About the Author - Jeslyn Stiles

Jeslyn is a Social Media & Content Coordinator at CustomInk.

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