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Font of the Week – Lithos

by Lissa Eckert

in Font of the Week

Lithos - FOTW

Lithos was created for the Adobe platform in 1989 by American artist and calligrapher Carol Twombly. Lithos was born of the desire to mimic the geometric lettering seen in the inscriptions of ancient Greek buildings. Twombly didn’t intend to replicate the Greek style exactly, and instead included bold weights, which were never seen in historic Greece. The style of all capital letters was intended for titles only—never body text. This playful and exotic font is recognizable for it’s use in MTV’s logo in the late 80s and early 90s.

Our Font of the Week images are created by Emily Clark, an Expert Production Artist at CustomInk and a self-declared font addict. Font of the Week fuels Emily’s passion to research and learn more about beloved typefaces like Lithos. What font should Emily feature next? Sound off in the comments below!

About the Author - Lissa Eckert

Lissa is the SEO Content Coordinator at CustomInk. She aims to create content that engages and inspires our customers. Lissa thinks it would be really cool to one day see an idea of hers brought to life by a customer's order!

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