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Artist of the Month — Coke Navarro

by Lissa Eckert

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CustomInk isn’t just passionate about customer service, we’re passionate about great art and the artists behind it. We’ve decided to scout out some of the greatest of our time to feature in our artist interview series.

Spanish Illustrator Coke Navarro agreed to let us pick his brain on his latest projects, his recent trip to Budapest, and other art forms he’d love to master.

CustomInk: What are you working on right now?

Coke Navarro: I’m working on a short comic of my character Kid Owl, and on some movie fanarts.

CustomInk: What’s one work of art by another artist you wish you had created?

Navarro: In that case, I wouldn’t had discovered and enjoyed them, so none.

CustomInk: Did you have formal training or are you self-taught?

Navarro: I studied in the Art Faculty in Valencia, but you actually start learning when you leave college.

CustomInk: Do you have a pre-creativity ritual or something you do to keep yourself inspired? For example, Freud smoked about 20 cigars a day… woah!

Navarro: I just play some loud music and get to work.
CustomInk: What’s your most indispensable tool or office supply?

Navarro: My light table, can’t live without it.

CustomInk: What are your thoughts on the digitization of art— traditional by hand vs. art created digitally or art turned digital?

Navarro: Well, if it’s good, it’s good, the technique doesn’t really matters.

CustomInk: Where did you travel to last? What did you forget to pack?

Navarro: Budapest. I think I didn’t forget anything…Damn, am I becoming an adult?

CustomInk: Ha! What was the best part of your visit?

Navarro: Getting drunk after the concert— singing and air-guitaring big time. I was there with my friend Juan Esteban, who is an incredible illustrator, and some other friends. It was great.

biopic_lg-2CustomInk: Is there another art form you’d love to master?

Music, of course. I used to rap, but I never knew how to play a real instrument. I would like to learn piano.

CustomInk: What piece of your art are you most proud of and why?

Navarro: I think it is my Hellboy screenprint. The prints came out very nice, with an opal paper and a golden ink, it looks great live.

CustomInk: We have to ask, what’s your favorite shirt?

Navarro: My Black Sabbath t-shirt, from the concert in Budapest. That concert was f*cking awesome.

To see more of Coke’s phenomenal artwork, check out his Behance and Facebook pages.

About the Author - Lissa Eckert

Lissa is the SEO Content Coordinator at CustomInk. She aims to create content that engages and inspires our customers. Lissa thinks it would be really cool to one day see an idea of hers brought to life by a customer's order!

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