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Equestrian Quotes and Sayings


Looking for an equestrian quote for an upcoming camp, lesson, or show? Stop horsing around! Just check out our list of equestrian quotes and sayings below and pick your favorite. Don’t miss our great selection of shirt styles, which you can customize for any equestrian event or occasion.

Memorable Equestrian Quotes and Sayings

    Life is Better at the Barn

    The Horse Is Where the Heart Is

    Making Mud, Dirt, and Horse Hair a Fashion Statement

    Save Gas, Go Equestrian

    If You are Lucky Enough to Own a Horse, You are Lucky Enough

    Your Horse Can Only Be as Brave as You Are

    Always Ready for the Ride

    No Hour of Life is Wasted That is Spent in the Saddle – Winston Churchill

    The Path to My Heart is Paved with Hoof Prints

    Soft Hands, Strong Legs, Steady Minds

    Always Get Back in the Saddle

    Worry Less, Ride More

    Home is Where the Horses Roam

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