Birthday Party Ideas

70th Birthday Party Ideas


Celebrate 70 years in style with one of these great birthday party ideas. We’ve got everything from low-key evenings to special getaways, so there is sure to be something for everybody! Check them out below, and let us know if you have any other great 70th birthday party ideas in the comment section.

Let’s Boogie
Take a trip back in time and celebrate your milestone birthday with a 1970’s disco night. Invite your friends to bring out their best disco duds, including bell-bottoms and leisure suits. Set up a photo booth with tons of crazy Afros and groovy glasses as props and you’re sure to have some sweet pictures. Take your guests back to the 70’s with some solid snacks such Twinkies, fondue, and pigs in a blanket. Hang a disco ball and play that funky music, and you’ll have the time of your life.

70 Cards
If you are looking for a low-key way to make someone’s 70th birthday extra special, this is it. Try to get a hold of at least seventy people from the birthday celebrant’s life – family, childhood friends, old roommates, neighbors – all included! Reach out to as many special people as possible (take advantage of social media to make this easier on yourself!), and ask them to send a greeting card for the upcoming birthday in lieu of attending a party. This is an easy way for old friends to get back in touch and such a sweet surprise for a very special birthday. Extra bonus points if you’re able to get seventy cards in the mail!

Around the World
Celebrate a lifetime of adventure with an around the world themed party by bringing all of the birthday honoree’s favorite parts of the world to them! Decorate the space with old maps and flags from various countries. You can even sit out a globe with a few sharpies to use as a guestbook and special keepsake. Serve up some festive food from around the world including Asian pot stickers, Italian meatballs, and Mediterranean hummus. Get your passport ready to party!

Aged 70 Years
By the time you are turning 70, chances are your pretty close to being aged to perfection. Use this as an excuse to throw back a few of your favorite drinks and relax with family and friends. Decorate the space with all things vintage and rustic. Create your own sign or banner that says “Vintage 19XX” featuring the year you were born. Don’t forget to make your own wine or liquor labels headlining the birthday honoree. Cheers to 70 years!

Celebratory Cruise
If you want to take a trip for this upcoming milestone birthday, a cruise is sure to make waves. There is something for everyone on board! Enjoy the sun, great food, and endless activities with a few of your closest family members or friends. You can even make custom shirts to commemorate the occasion. Check out some design ideas here! Plus, the cruise line is likely go above and beyond to make the birthday guest’s day one to remember.

Aloha to 70
Have a backyard Hawaiian Luau to celebrate ‘the big kahuna’ turning 70 years old. Get guests in the spirit by giving them a lei as soon as they arrive. Create bright and beautiful centerpieces by using pineapples for vases. Serve some tropical drinks and Hawaiian-style BBQ. Make it extra special with a coconut birthday cake!

Gone Camping
Spend your 70th birthday outdoors with a special camping trip! Don’t have camping supplies? Rent a cabin in the woods with those closest to you. This is a perfect family affair! Everyone from grandparents to grandchildren are sure to enjoy it. Spend your day relaxing in the fresh air, with a fun fishing trip, or a hike up to a scenic view. You could even have a small scavenger hunt planned for some family fun. Instead of a birthday cake, set up a make your own s’more bar. Finish up the evening around the campfire telling your favorite stories about the birthday honoree!

Staying Alive
This theme is not for the faint of heart – literally! Use the popular 1970’s hit “Staying Alive” to set the tone for one heck of a 70th birthday party. Rent out a dance hall so you’re able to have the perfect space for a disco. If you have the budget, see if you can get a large photo cut out of a disco dancer. Make sure the head space is empty so all the guests get a chance to take a picture with their face in it! Turn the lights down low, get the disco ball spinning, and dance the night away to your favorite 70’s classics. Congratulations on staying alive!

No Limits
Just because you’re 70 doesn’t mean you have to slow down! Celebrate with a “no limits” themed party. Decorate the space with a variety of road signs. Make your own road-like table clothes by using pieces of yellow duct tape as the traffic lines on a black cloth. You can even set the tables with orange solo cups to give it a traffic cone effect. Get a special birthday cake made mimicking a speed limit sign that says “70 No Limits.” You’ll be cruising through 70 with a party like this.

70 Years of Memories
Celebrate your 70th birthday with a dinner party that includes a walk down memory lane. Spend an evening spoiling the birthday guy or gal with special memories from all throughout their life. Serve up an all time favorite meal for dinner. Maybe even dig up an old family recipe to stir up all those noteworthy memories form long ago. Invite guests to bring copies of some of their favorite pictures with the birthday honoree to share with the group. For an extra special touch, use a white table cloth for dinner and have guests write their favorite memories with the birthday celebrant on it in black sharpie. That way, the table cloth can be used at special occasions to come and you will always have a reminder of this exceptional evening!

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