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Funny and Creative French Horn Sayings for T-shirts

Posted By Eric Tung

Grab Life by the Horns

“Nous sommes les meilleurs”. For you non-French enthusiasts, that means “We are the best!” So why not let the other sections know how awesome you guys are with sayings about the French horn. Check our pick for the TOP 10 Funny and Creative French Horn Sayings. We dare you to come up with something better!

Funny and Creative French Horn Sayings

    1. French horns do it .better

    2. “Grab life by the horn.”

    3. Keep it Mello.

    4. “French horns kick brass!”

    5. Eat. Sleep. Horn. Repeat.

    6. “Play me like one your French Horns.”

    7. “Kiss my brass!”

    8. “I’m part French…horn that is.”

    9. Keep Calm and Play French Horn.

    10. “Give them a five second frencher!”

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