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Inspirational Autism Walk Slogans and Sayings for T-Shirts

Posted By Adam Levine

Autism Walk Slogan PhotoParticipating in an upcoming Walk Now for Autism or Autism Run and need a creative or inspirational quote to add to your autism awareness shirts, sweats, or banner? We’ve compiled some we think would work very well and get your message across loud & clear. Feel free to pick one or share some of your own in our comments section. We’d love to help spread a positive message the best we can.

Creative and Inspirational Autism Slogans, Quotes & Sayings

Autism is not a tragedy – ignorance is.

I get flappy when I’m happy.

Until all the pieces fit.

I love someone with Autism & someone with Autism loves me.

Solving the puzzle, one piece at a time.

Different is not broken.

Seeing the world from a different angle.

Acceptance. Understanding. Respect.

Light it up blue!™

AUTISM – Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious.

You laugh because I’m different.. I laugh because you’re the same.

Don’t let awareness make you afraid of acceptance.

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