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25 Creative Lifeguard Slogans & Sayings

In need of a clever slogan for your upcoming lifeguard season? We’ve put together a list of creative lifeguard sayings and slogans from customer orders and a few we’ve crafted on our own! They’re perfect for personalized lifeguard t-shirts, hoodies, and face masks if you need them. If you see one you love, throw it on custom shirts, tanks, hats, and more for your whole lifeguard staff or training group.

Creative Lifeguard Sayings & Slogans

Saving lives in style.

Guard hard.

We run this beach.

Gotta go. Gotta save.

Savin’ lives and breakin’ hearts.

Beaches be crazy.

Keep calm and guard on.

No one drowns when we’re around.

We’re hotter than the sun.

Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair. That endless summer, take me there.
-Endless Summer

Certified and ready for duty.

Don’t make me use my lifeguard voice…

Right near da beach… Boyee!
-Half Baked

Lifeguards do it on the beach.

We’re salty, bae.


Making a splash.

Summer heroes.

Dives for lives.

We rule the pool.

Water power.

To the rescue!

Trust me, I’m a lifeguard.

I couldn’t be a ninja so I became a lifeguard.

Don’t mess with the whistle.

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