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Yearbook Slogans – Catchy Yearbook Club Slogans for T-Shirts

by Adam Levine

in Slogans & Sayings

Yearbook Slogan Drop It Like It's Hot PhotoWith the school year in full swing, we wanted to provide one of the coolest school clubs out there, the yearbook club, with some fun and clever slogans & sayings! Today we have put together a list of slogans for your upcoming publication and your very own yearbook club t-shirts. We hope you find one that suits your needs, whether that be a funny one or something catchy/inspiring.

Creative & Funny Yearbook Club Slogans

Crop it like it’s hot.

Stay Yerdy

When we know it, you’ll know it.

Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Stalkers with a purpose.

Kickin’ it old school.

Not now, I’m on deadline


People pay to read my homework.

What’s the word.

Making our mark.

We have issues.

This is our legacy.

That moment when…

About the Author - Adam Levine

Adam is a Search Marketing Specialist at CustomInk. He has worked at CustomInk for more than 8 years, and helps contribute to the blog with fun content that helps inspire people. And with puns. Lots and lots of puns.

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Adam Levine August 26, 2015 at 2:42 pm


Absolutely. Happy to help!

Sarah Winfred August 26, 2015 at 12:02 am

Hi Adam Levine,

I think these are great ideas. Thank you so much for providing creative and catchy slogans! Great work.

Sarah Winfred

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