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Robotics Team Names

Robotics club team names

If you’re in need of a cool robotics club team name, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites. From high school robotic teams to robot enthusiast building clubs, there’s names for everyone! And you can always use your school mascot’s name combined with “bots or robo” (eg: Cougarbots or Robo-Rams), but there’s a bunch of super creative ones we just had to share. If you see something that gets your gears going, customize robotics t-shirts, hats, and more for your whole team!

Cool Robotics Club Team Names

    Trial & Error

    The Dream Machine

    Why Yes, That is PVC

    Circuit Breakers

    To Infinity & Beyond!

    Rockin’ Robos

    System Overload

    Talk Nerdy to Me

    Domo Origato

    Fuzzy Logic

    Optimus Primates

    Tech No Logic



    Mr. Robot



    Super Nerds

    Nuts and Bolts

    Ayo it’s AI

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