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“Jeremy Lin T-shirts Craze: The New “Linsani-Tee”

Jeremy Lin Driving to the Hole Photo Football season has been over for less than 2 weeks and already there’s someone being more hyped than Tim Tebow — with personalized t-shirts & custom jerseys selling faster than you can say “Tebow Time.” But this time the person in the spotlight is playing basketball, not football. And the buzzword is now Linsanity

Confused?  I’ll be happy to explain.

What Happened?

1) After a 149 day NBA Lockout (which delays the season by over 2 months) the highly lauded New York Knicks start off the season in pretty dismal fashion and win only 8 out of their first 23 games.
2) Their premiere player, Carmelo Anthony, gets a groin injury and is sidelined. Their other big star, Amare Stoudemire, has to take a leave of absence due to a death in the family.
3) Jeremy Lin, a 20 year-old 6’3 200 pound Harvard Grad, and the first Asian-American basketball player in the league is asked by the Knicks to play the point guard position due to their poor start, along with their 2 big stars being out…

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The rest as they say is history.

A Linning Time Line

  • Feb 4th – Lin scores 25 points, five rebounds, and seven assists against the New Jersey Nets in a 99-92 victory. All are career highs for the player, and Coach Mike D’Antoni says Lin has “a point-guard mentality and a rhyme & reason for what he is doing out there.”
  • Feb 6th – Lin gets his 1st start as a NY Knick against the Utah Jazz. He scores 28 points and posts 8 assists.
  • Feb 8th – The following game, Lin has 23 points and a career-high 10 assists facing the New Jersey Nets. This is his first double-double.
  • Feb 10th – In his most impressive performance, Lin scores a new career-high 38 points and has seven assists, leading the Knicks in their victory over the Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 92–85.

If you aren’t too familiar with basketball statistics, this type of play is unprecedented. Lin scored 89 points in his first three career starts, which makes it the most  by any player since the NBA and ABA merged in the 1970’s, and to top it off, he hit a 3-point game winning shot last night!

Make Your Very Own Linsani-Tee!

Which is exactly why you should be a part of the phenomenon and jump on the Jeremy Lin train. At CustomInk you can custom make your very own Jeremy Lin t-shirt design, and personalize it exactly how you’d like. Throw a #17 on the back. Add your own name. Design them in a bunch of colors. The sky is the limit.

Lin is breaking down barriers and breaking records at the same time, which is what makes this story so special. He’s the first Asian-American in the league. He has proven that anybody with drive and passion can shine in professional sports. And he seems like a really good guy. Like Tim Tebow, he’s a sports phenomenon that doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere. Get your Jeremy Lin t-shirts now and enjoy the show!

Adam is a Search Marketing Specialist at Custom Ink. He has worked at Custom Ink for more than 8 years, and helps contribute to the blog with fun content that helps inspire people. And with puns. Lots and lots of puns.

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