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National Volunteer Week!

by Allyson Ayers

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National Volunteer Week 2011

It’s National Volunteer Week, and according to the founders, this is the time for “inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities.” One way to do this is by sharing stories, so I figured I’d start with my own tiny contribution to my community from this past weekend…

I won’t claim that it’s imaginative or even inspiring, but it is something I enjoy doing. Even more than that, I enjoy knowing that I am helping my community in some small way. The way I chose to help is by sharing my passion for reading and discovering books. Yes, I’m a book nerd – let’s just get that out of the way now. And, I’m lucky to have an amazing library just seconds from my home, so I can check out books whenever I please. Besides simply taking advantage of the library, I also volunteer at their bi-annual book sales in the Spring and Fall. For me, it’s another great way to be around books and to help other people find their favorites. I help sort books into their respective genres, stock shelves, and check people out with their loot. The Fall sale raised $84,000! The Spring sale this past weekend was surely another success! And I loved being a part of it!

Support your local library by purchasing used books at their in-house book stores and/or annual book sales! And, in the spirit of Earth Day later this month, I also encourage you to check out books from the library instead of buying new ones. It’s recycling at its finest! (in my humble opinion, of course)

To learn more about National Volunteer Week, visit the HandsOn Network website. Or check out our caring customers in action in their volunteer t-shirts.

That’s my volunteering story; hope you liked it. I’d love to hear your awesome volunteer stories! We see tons of great designs for volunteer t-shirts, so let us hear about your cause and why it means something to you! Happy National Volunteer Week, everyone!

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