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Looking to Refresh for 2011? Reorder!

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I don’t have a problem making new friends (thank you, magnetic personality!), but keeping friends is an entirely different story.  You know what would be really handy to keep people coming back for more after the initial glamor of being my friend wears off? A coupon each time we hang out again! Let’s dive into how CustomInk is great at keeping friends, by offering a Reorder Discount!  I bet you didn’t see that transition coming!

When you place an order for 6 or more shirts, we compile all screens and artwork files needed to print your order. What you might not know is we keep everything on-hand. This way, we can perfectly re-create your original design if you want to place an order with the same design in the future. And, since we won’t need to spend time or money on replicating those materials, we can pass the savings on to you in the form of a reorder discount.

So how do you get that Reorder Discount? Let’s go through it point-by-point:

1. Gather and finalize the sizes or styles you are looking for in this new order.

2. Give us a call to place your order, so you receive your savings up-front.

3. Pricing on the new order will be based on the quantity of shirts in the reorder (with the same 6-shirt minimum) just like your original order.

4. The Reorder Discount is specific to your new order and increases proportionately (starting with a $10 discount).

Note:  If you place a new order with a design that we think is similar to one we’ve already worked on, a representative will call to see if the reorder discount can be applied.

Though the design needs to stay the same, there is still a ton of flexibility with your new order. You can order that design on a different color or style product, as long as the design is the same size and location. You can even mix styles like I showed you earlier in my Remix Your Order post.

So, start thinking about how a reorder discount can help you refresh an older order for 2011!

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