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Making the ”Must-Have” Accessory, Extra Special

5th Birthday Party T-Shirt

I know you know that nothing completes a special occasion better than a custom t-shirt, right? Sometimes you need help making the souvenir for the big day really unique.

For example, you could need a cool design for your son’s 5th birthday. This year, he’s obsessed with funny-looking monsters like Rick H.’s son of Wellesley Hills, MA, and you’re not sure where to start or how to make it pop. What you do have is some photos of the entertainment (real monsters) coming for the big day and an idea. We can take it from there! Check it out:  Monster T-Shirt Design

Or you could be like Angela B. who was tasked by her daughter’s class with incorporating a Candy land-themed shirt for a middle school’s Sadie Hawkins Dance. I mean what do you do with that?! Believe me, we’ve seen it all. For this request, we were able to whip something up that pleased the whole class! Sadie Hawkins Dance T-Shirt Design

Planning a bachelorette destination weekend? How about a bachelorette t-shirt design with a cartoon of the bride on the front like we created for Carol M. of New Florence, PA? We took a photo of the bride, incorporated the highlights of a margarita-style signature drink and a group canoe trip, and made a design that the group couldn’t stop talking about. Vacation T-Shirt Design

It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating; having a unique t-shirt for everyone to wear brings everyone closer together and adds to the fun of the event!

Need help creating a one-of-a-kind party favor for your next event? Check out our Creative Services!

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