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Oh, Canada!

by Michael Grunseth

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Oh Canada

As I settle in to write today’s post I am thankful for one thing; I’m not outside. It is January in DC, and that means freezing temperatures, high winds, ice storms, and hopefully no repeats of last year’s Snowpocalypse (cross your snow-shovels). It is too frigid for even my arctic blood, but one thing that makes me feel better is thinking, “Well, at least I’m not up in Canada!”

If I have learned anything from watching copious amounts of HGTV, it’s that Canadians love their cold habitat, and for that I give them a tip of my snow-cap. In their honor, I’m dedicating this entry to how CustomInk takes extra care of our snow-friendly neighbors to the North.

We Ship to Canada, from Canada

In order to avoid delays and fees with customs, Canadian orders are placed using products we can get from our Canadian suppliers. This way, we can pass on savings by avoiding customs. By printing within Canada as well, we can assure quicker ship times.

We Have Dedicated a Section of our Website to Canadian Customers

We have a special portion of our site set aside specifically for our Canadian customers to make sure they know exactly what is available to them. Now, if you’re from the true North (are strong and/or free) and there is a product on the website you do not see in the Canadian store, give us a call! We can look through our Canadian suppliers and try to find the best option that works for you. We may not be able to get the exact product, but more often than not, we can find a great substitute at a similar price point.

Same CustomInk, Different Postal Code

The bottom line is that our Canadian customers get all of the same discounts and guarantees as their US-counterparts. We’ve only separated the store to cover stock difference.  It’s the same CustomInk, just a bit further north.

So if you find yourself sitting at home one night, eating some poutine as you watch Degrassi (a personal favorite), try your hand at designing a sweet sweater in our Design Lab. And as a final note, all of our prices are in USD. Just keep this in mind when looking at products in the Canadian store.

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