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CustomInk Holiday Party & Inkademy Awards

by Allyson Ayers

in CustomInk News & Events

Holiday Tablescape

What comes before Part B? CustomInk’s Holiday Part-AY!! (The joke never gets old. No, seriously, it doesn’t.)

Every year, CustomInk hosts a shindig for the team around the holidays. It’s one of the only times we get to see our fellow Inkers dressed up. (Seriously, some of us are barely recognizable.) It’s super fun. There’s free food, beer and wine. And, most importantly, it marks an occasion when people might get to see our president Marc Katz dancing and singing along to Bon Jovi.

This past Saturday, we held the event, which included everything mentioned above as well as our Inkademy Awards ceremony, recognizing Inkers for their exemplary demonstration of our Core Values: Golden Rule, Ownership and Innovation.

Team members submit nominations that tell the story of how a teammate exhibited one of the Core Values. Then a group of people representing all areas of the company make up the “Inkademy” (get it?) and narrow the pool of nominations down to the top 3 for each Core Value. Finally, everyone in the company has the opportunity to vote for the winners of each of the 3 Inkademy Awards. Drum roll please…

Inkademy Winners

This year’s winners are (pictured, from left): Eric F. for demonstrating the Golden Rule when helping a stranded motorist during the mega snowstorm of 2009 – on Super Bowl Sunday no less! Brittany L. for taking ownership of getting sample shirts to a customer by putting them in her carry-on bag on vacation to personally deliver to the customer! And Derek L. for showing innovation by using his own time to learn new software and programming techniques in order to always improve the technology used at CustomInk! Congratulations to these Inkers for going above and beyond for strangers, teammates and customers!

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