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Trend Alert: Stripes

by Kat Hubbs

in CustomInk News & Events

Design T-Shirts with Stripes

Have you had the desire to sail the open seas and wear a peg leg, or maybe don a beret and ride your bike down the Champs-Élysées?  No?  You mean the stripes haven’t gotten to you yet? They are everywhere!!  Not just up and down or sideways.  There are diagonals, chevrons, skinny, fat, faded, and neon ones.  You can’t escape them… so join them!

My favorite stripe trend is layering text or images over the stripes.  It has inspired some new clipart (that I am working on right now) and the design templates below.  Search “lines” or “stripes” in the clipart library and add as many as you want to your design.  Don’t forget to take full advantage of the sizing tools in the Lab to make them the exact stripes you need.  For those of you who are not inclined to take the time, I have made some striped design templates to get you started.  Just search “stripes” in the Design Ideas, and customize one for your group!

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