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Customer Stories: Turkey Trot Shirts

Turkey Trot 2010

What has a keen eye for design and trots just like a turkey?

Our creative customers, of course!

If you’re like me, to get ready for Thanksgiving, you’d check out our selection of elastic waistbands in the sweats and loungewear categories. But maybe – like a lot of our customers – you’d rather take a more active approach to the holiday. To some of our customers, family time at Thanksgiving means participating together in their local 5K “Turkey Trot.” Check out these awesome photos and stories from last year’s races:

Turkey Trot 5k Group T-Shirts

Every year for Thanksgiving, the Tangen family (thus Tang-sgiving) gets together in Minnesota (thus the long-sleeved T) for not only the traditional Thanksgiving meal but also a fish fry, parade, singing, games and the Bemidji Turkey Trot. “Unfortunately many of our group had to get back to work or couldn’t travel due to other circumstances, so we were down in numbers for our Trot, but NOT at all lacking in ENTHUSIASM! Next TangsGiving we’ll double our number of family racers!”

A family in Texas celebrates the holiday by participating in the Dallas 5K Turkey Trot. Even those who didn’t run or walk still show their family – or famiglia – pride by wearing these custom-made shirts! “Thanksgiving morning my family participates in the Dallas 5K Turkey Trot and this year we decided to get team t-shirts. The whole family had the shirts, but this picture has the group that ran that morning!”

In Ohio, the Grindstaff family started a tradition in 2009 with their participation in the Columbus Turkey Trot. They plan to make it an annual family event – complete with custom Ts each year! “I ordered 23 CustomInk t-shirts for my family’s first turkey trot in Columbus, Ohio! Everyone loved the t-shirt I designed. My family had so much fun at the thanksgiving turkey trot they want to make it an annual event. I can’t wait to design next year’s t-shirt on!”

Feeling inspired to make your very own Turkey Trot t-shirts? Check out some of Kat’s Turkey Trot design ideas. Or, check out more customer photos & stories.

I’m tired just talking about 5K races. Who wants pumpkin pie?

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    • Jessica

      I had NO idea people were this active on Thanksgiving. I’m not sure my mother could handle everyone being more than 10 feet from the table for the moment the food is ready – cause it’s never on time. But this does inspire me, maybe I can get a family game of touch football going.

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