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I’m jealous of kids nowadays growing up with pictures of their childhood and families taken by digital cameras with great definition. The pictures  my parents took when I was an adorable kid (sigh, those were the days) were fuzzy at best, and you have to look past the blurriness to really enjoy the photo. However, on second thought, maybe acid-washed onesies are better left as a hazy memory…

Whatever the case, photographs and family go hand-in-hand. They’re snapshots of memories and times gone by, and provide more insight and feeling than words alone. Adding a personal photograph to your shirt is a great way to give your artwork emotion and make it uniquely yours.

We love it when we see customers use photographs in their designs. We can even help you use “pre-digital” photos in your design by taking an old, damaged, or low resolution photo and turning it into something fresh and amazing. When it comes to photos, you can incorporate them in one of three ways.

Digital and Process Printing: If you have a great quality image, we can use digital or process printing to print your photograph just as you’re used to seeing it
Halftones Printing: If your image is not the best quality, we can print using halftones, change from color to black and white, or resize the image on your design to maintain a photographic quality. This will print similar to a newspaper; you’ll definitely recognize your image, but it won’t be super detailed.
Custom Re-draw: Looking for something more creative? Our artists can literally re-draw your photograph and make it into a dynamic graphic with multiple colors.

While we can’t remove acid wash, 80’s mullets, or bad perms, we can always work with what you have. So we encourage all of you to look for ways to add a photograph to your design! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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