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Bring On The Brights With Neon Shirts

Neon Yellow Pink & Green Shirts

You know the saying, “What goes around, comes around?” So very true when it comes to neon! These brightly colored hues have come buzzing back from the 80’s and are here to stay. This modern twist on neon may be much less offensive than the Hammer pants, hyper colored T’s, and Jams that were hot back in the day…but is still equally as rad.

Neon has been popping up everywhere in classic highlighter shades – from apparel to bold accessories. Try your design on neon t-shirts or neon hoodies and be sure to grab everyone’s attention within a 5 mile radius! If wearing neon is a little more than your eyes can handle, you can still show your style by going with a more subtle splash of color and adding your design to create custom neon cups. Just another great way to take advantage of this electrifying trend!

Design on these featured products in the CustomInk Lab: Anvil Chromazone Neon T, (featured on top) Independent Trading Lightweight Zip Hoodyand Mood Stadium Cup.

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