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Artist Spotlight: Breanna H.

Breanna CustomInk Graphic Artist

This month’s Artist Spotlight is on Breanna, one of our Production Artists.  She has displayed some of her photo collages, which a fellow Inker described as “phosphorescent,” and I would have to agree.  The colors are luminous and the tropical subjects are a great contrast to the changing seasons.

Breanna was first inspired to create these pieces by a butterfly beach wrap from Costa Rica.  She took several photos of the wrap in segments, and then pieced them back together in Photoshop to create the collage effect.  She then layered images of fabric as overlays in combination with different Photoshop techniques to get a painterly look to her images.

Even though she says she is not at all a painter, she begins each piece like one…with a blank canvas.  She sits down at the computer and starts creating, no brainstorming or sketching; she just lets the idea come to her.  “I find that most of the time you will see something in your everyday life that triggers an idea that turns out to be something great.”  Breanna graduated last year with a major in Art, concentration in Graphic Design, and a minor in Photography.  So your t-shirt designs are in safe hands!!

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