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T-Shirt Time: Wish I Had A Shirt

Jersey Shore T-Shirts

I tend to catch popular TV shows when I catch up on my recorded episodes, or run across a rerun, so I’m a little late on what I think is one of the best potential t-shirt design ideas to date! Jersey Shore’s T-Shirt Time.

Here’s the situation (ha!): Every once in a while, something happens that just has to go on a t-shirt. So imagine my thrill when the boys of Jersey Shore honored our favorite thing, t-shirts, in their musical (hm, does it count as “musical”?) rendition of “t-shirt time.” Some of my Inker cohorts were inspired to create the perfect t-shirt design for the occasion.

T-Shirt Time Design Ideas

It’s always t-shirt time at CustomInk, and just like the boys on Jersey Shore, we don’t want your shirts to lose their freshness.

Stay tuned for more awesome culture captured to a T… on a T.

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