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Make it Personal!

by Michael Grunseth

in Design Ideas

What has two thumbs, great taste, and stands out in a crowd? You, in your personalized t-shirt or hoodie.

The shirts I love the most are the ones that have my name on them. Except the neon green polos my uncle made for our family trip to Ireland; those were a bit rough.

When personalization is paired with a great design, people who see you will know you are part of something great – whether it’s an awesome rec team, the best cabin at camp, craziest family, or closest group of friends. What they don’t know is how quick and easy it is to make each person in your group shine!

You can add personalization to any sweatshirt, t-shirt, or long sleeved shirt. You can put it on the front or back of your design, rock it on your hood for a street style, or place it down the sleeve for an athletic look. You can even coordinate the font to the rest of your one-of-a-kind artwork for a coherent design.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add personalization to your t-shirt order, check out Kat’s video on personalization and make it personal!

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