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What’s Your Type?

When I go about my day-to-day life, I try to take time to appreciate the little things. From the soothing siren of my alarm clock, to how well my sunroof dries my hair as I’m running late to work, and even how new construction always seems to be springing up (just for me!). Some might say these observations are weird, but they’re little points I notice. One of these small, but captivating, things…Type. Typeface. Fonts!

I appreciate fonts most when they complement the design. No matter how flashy or off-the-wall, a font is there to suit the words. It can be a supportive player, or the main attraction. And, our expert artists have become personal font stylists for you by dividing our selection into 12 categories. Each has its own unique character and style and you can think of these font categories as your new favorite places to shop.

Here are a few quick ideas for how to use the various font types featured above.

  1. Celtic fonts are perfect for Pub Crawls, St. Patrick’s Day, or anything from the Emerald Isle!
  2. Into Sports?! Whether you’re Varsity or JV, for an old-school athletic look, try College.
  3. Eroded fonts are busted and deconstructed for an industrial rough feel.
  4. Looking to the future? Modern fonts have everything from streamlined to sci-fi.
  5. Thinking of old maps, money, and the Wild West? Try Old World fonts!

Font selection is only part of successfully using fonts in your artwork. When working with fonts, take four important design aspects into consideration; size, placement, color, and angle.

Try mixing up the size and placement of the text, move it around using the Design Lab to find something dynamic. Choose bright colors that contrast with the shirt color. Finally, use the angle tool to tilt your text. It directs the eye and makes your design more interesting. Try mixing up the fonts in your next design!

Check out these awesome videos from Kat to learn more about making text an active part of your design. And, if you need help, remember our design experts are always here for you!

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