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Homecoming: Dress Up to Get Down

For some, Homecoming is a night of dressing up, corsages, and dancing with your best friends. For others (me) Homecoming was a night of food poisoning, bad music, and a slightly orange date.

If there was a highlight of Homecoming, for me it was definitely spirit week. Being able to show class unity, getting to stay at school overnight to decorate the hall, and of course the parade of floats was crucial to making Homecoming special.

My senior year theme was the Wizard of Oz, and as a keepsake everyone dyed t-shirts green and painted a big “OZ” on the front. Then we each signed the back with permanent marker. I love that shirt, but over the years the design has faded and some of the names have gone missing (not so permanent after all).

If I had a time machine and could go back to high school, I would…

  1. Tell my date about the dangers of spray tanning
  2. Get the Homecoming shirts screen printed instead of using spray-dye (the shirt turned me green)
  3. Have the signatures printed too – so they wouldn’t fade

Here’s an example of what our artists created for someone else’s shirts:

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  • Jessica

    I don’t think she looks thaaat orange. I have had shirts signed with markers by friends at “highlighter parties” those shirts always end up being a one time wear.

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