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For over six years, we’ve been collecting customer stories in our Ink of the Week contest. Throughout the years, we’ve heard from some truly amazing customers about how their CustomInk orders helped to unite their community and take their event to the next level. To show you some of the communities we’ve touched, we’ve compiled a handful of stories that caught our eye this past month.


CandyGive up the Candy!

The dental office of Allen & Kelly Smudde have been ordering shirts with us for six years for Operation Gratitude: Candy Buyback. The event encourages kids in their community to give up their Halloween candy in exchange for money (for themselves and their schools). After gathering candy, hand-written letters, and other treats, they send everything to our troops serving overseas. Pictured here is the community that participated in last year’s event.



iotw-blog-2Camp Billy Johnson

Each year, the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee runs Camp Billy Johnson – a FREE week of sleep-away camp for underprivileged kids who would not otherwise be able to afford camp. They provide them with everything they will need for the week including sleeping bags, towels, and “fantastic t-shirts from CustomInk!”



iotw-blog-3Doing the Nae Nae with CustomInk

Nearly 150 shirts were ordered this summer for the Chicago Lights Summer Day Program, a program providing a safe place for 100 school-aged kids living in under-served communities to learn and engage in academic classes and art instructions. At the end of the session, students present multicultural arts performances for the community. Check out the moves on these 1st-4th graders!




Kaitlin, who had always referred to her birthday month as “Kait-A-Palooza,” tragically passed away in a car accident several months before her 21st birthday. Determined to celebrate the milestone in her grand style, her parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins united together in Cancun to celebrate her life. Wearing their custom shirts, they “released balloons over the Caribbean at sunset in her honor.”



equestrian team photo

Creative and Inspirational Equestrian Quotes

It’s not just about riding the horse. It’s about creating a connection with both you and your horse. What better way to show your passion for the sport than with a creative and inspirational quote. We’ve listed the TOP 10 quotes about equestrianism that will surely get you vaulting for joy. Saddle up, and bring your best foot, I mean hoof, forward!

1. I ride, therefore I am

2. If you climb on the saddle, be ready for the ride

3. Horses first, the rest later

4. Keep Calm and Ride On



“Rogers Rock 2015” and “Giddy Girlz 2015” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!


This family has been vacationing together at Rogers Rock Campground in scenic Lake George, NY for the past 50 years. Through the decades, more family has been added, more fun has been had, and more love has been shared. This year they decided to make the trip even more epic by adding the element of custom designed t-shirts. During the gathering, people stopped to ask where they were from and how long they had been traveling to Lake George. Each question turned into a story to share, and they made new friends along the way. This photograph depicts three generations of campers wearing their Rogers Rock t-shirts while the majestic Rogers Rock Mountain stands in the background. This trip was one for the record books!


2015 marked the 10th anniversary of this family’s very first Giddy Girlz celebration, and the first time ordering custom t-shirts! These women, representing three generations, gather together to bond over arts and crafts, storytelling, and laughter. They wear stunning crystal tiaras everywhere they go, don feather boas, and participate in activities from sightseeing and shopping to tea parties and slumber parties. This year, they decided to go whitewater rafting in Gatlinburg, TN! Beautiful, bright pink Giddy Girlz performance t-shirts were created to mark the occasion and to help them stand out on bright summer days. Needless to say, the Giddy Girlz shirts complemented the overall theme of this annual gala!

Visit the contest and Like your favorites.



There’s more to Labor Day than the unofficial end of summer and the last few barbecues and hours at the pool. Labor Day is a day to honor the achievements of American workers and to have a well deserved paid day off! Here are some other facts you may not know about the day.

1. Poor working conditions for American workers in the late 1800s sparked the need for change, including paid time off. Back then, the average American worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and rarely had a day off. Frustration with current conditions led to the events that would shape Labor Day.

2. The first US Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. Ten-thousand workers took unpaid leave and marched through the city to protest the need for better working conditions. To this day, New York still hosts a Labor Day parade to celebrate.

3. Today, Labor Day is always the first Monday in September. This was made official nationwide on June 28, 1894, when congress passed an act making the first Monday of September the legal day to celebrate Labor Day. The timing was chosen as many labor unions pushed for that month.

4.There is some debate as to who originally came up with the idea of a paid holiday celebrating the American worker. Some records show that Peter J. McGuire first came up with the idea while others credit Matthew Maguire. Both were actively involved with labor unions in the 1800s and with their similar sounding names, it’s no surprise that there has been some confusion over the years!

5. Traditionally people did not wear white after Labor Day because it marks the end of summer. But that seems to be changing. After Labor Day last year, we sold almost 200,000 white shirts of our most popular t-shirt – the Gildan Ultra Cotton . It was our second best selling color after black. We we say white is in all year!

Marching in a parade, having a cookout, or just want to show pride for your business or profession? Make a custom shirt to celebrate! Be sure to order by Tuesday, Sept 1st, by 2pm to get your shirts in time for the holiday weekend.

Looking to join a great company, with awesome benefits – including paid time off? CustomInk is hiring! Check out all of our open positions or learn more about the perks of being an “Inker!”

US Department of Labor
Do Something


archery team photo

TOP 10 Funny and Creative Archery Quotes & Sayings

Deep breath in, aim, exhale, and … just missed! Don’t worry, although we all can’t be “Hawkeye”, we can ensure a “bull’s-eye” with our TOP 10 creative and funny archery quotes and sayings. So go ahead, grab another arrow out of the quiver and just try and miss! (Seriously, how awesome would it be to be Hawkeye!).

1. Tug on my bowstrings

2. Aim high, and let her fly

3. I don’t wear bows, I shoot them



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