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Even though it’s not legal, 20 can still be a blast! Celebrate in style with one of our awesome 20th birthday party ideas!

Binge Watching Party
Is binge watching your favorite shows a guilty pleasure? Make it a party! Invite everyone over on a Saturday night for an all day TV fest. Create a cozy space by putting couch cushions, pillows, or even air mattresses all over the floor so everyone has a cozy spot to sit. Have everyone wear comfy clothes and fuzzy slippers. Choose a series to watch for the night— House of Cards? Modern Family? Orange is the New Black? Buy a DVD of the season or see if it’s available to stream on Netflix or Hulu. Create a simple treat table with a white tablecloth and decorate it with cutouts of characters from the show you’ll be binging on. Serve TV snacks like popcorn, candy, and pretzels, along with remote control sugar cookies. Get a tiered cake decorated with themes from the show of the night. After you finish your TV binge, play a game of trivia with questions about the season you watched! For favors, send everyone home with a Netflix gift card so they can keep the binging going.



Check out these Halloween birthday party ideas and themes for a thrill of a time! From kid friendly to adults only, your guests are in for some spook-tacular fun!

Murder Mystery/Who Done It Dinner Party

Who doesn’t want to attend a murder mystery dinner party? Send invitations to a guest list of about 6-10 people with the ominous message, “You are cordially invited to a dinner to DIE for…!” Include a character description of their assigned player and strongly encourage they come dressed to play the part. For the game, make your own Clue-esque kit with faux weapons and clues, or check online for an already assembled option. Serve crab cakes with blood (cocktail sauce) and deviled egg eyeballs (just add olives!) while guests get settled in. Encourage them to stay in character while they mingle! For dinner, serve something you can make ahead, like lasagna, garlic bread, and salad, so you’re free to join in the mystery! Decorate your dinner table with golden candelabras and faux pearl beads. Have everyone dine by candlelight– it’s sure to set the mood! Once your guests have had a chance to eat, have the night begin with the dramatic death of your first victim. From there, the night is sure to take on a life of it’s own! Once your detectives think they’ve solved the case, bring them together for the finale. After the case is closed and your victim is revived, celebrate with a birthday cake that has a fake knife stuck dead center. This birthday party is sure to leave guests screaming! Read more –>



You’ve made it through tax season– now it’s time to celebrate! Unite your accounting team with one of these funny and creative team names. Whether it’s for an office party, bowling league, or team building activity, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget to order t-shirts with your new accounting team name on them!

Funny and Creative Accounting Team Names


Tax that Asset

LIFO the Party


17 is such a prime age. Throw a bash your teen won’t forget with one of our fun 17th birthday party ideas!

Birthday Brunch Party
Waffles, bacon, eggs— who doesn’t love brunch?! Throw this sophisticated affair for your 17 year old. Hold the party on Sunday morning and decorate with signs in frames like “Babes who Brunch” and “But first, Brunch.” Go with monochromatic decor and let the brunch goodies speak for themselves. Get a black and white striped tablecloth and use white serving trays and pedestals. Surround it with white balloons and add fresh flowers to drink vases for a chic spin. Instead of a cake, get a cake stand and arrange doughnuts on it to resemble a tiered cake! Serve chicken on mini waffle sandwiches, bacon, fresh fruit, and muffins. Set up a coffee bar as well as a “mockmosa” station with fruit juices, sparkling grape juice, and fresh berries for garnishes. Play a game of brunch trivia— ask the birthday boy or girl questions about their favorite foods and drinks and have everyone try and guess the answers. As favors, give everyone a gift set of waffle mix and maple syrup to bring the brunch home!



obstacle course

Are you participating in an obstacle course race or run, and need a creative name for your team t-shirts? We’ve come up with a list of clever and funny names just for you! Check them out and let us know your favorites in the comments sections.

Creative Obstacle Course Team Names

Run Like the Winded

Speed Bumps

Scrambled Legs


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