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within_nils_SKIP1At CustomInk, we love custom artwork and the artists behind it. It’s always fun and inspiring to see how others go about their creative process. So, we’ve decided to feature some impressive artists to help get those creative juices flowing.

Here we meet Nils Westergard, a street artist based in Richmond, Virginia. Get to know Nils a little bit better with the help of our



Looking for a special way to bring together your philanthropy group? Do it with a motivating philanthropy team name. It’s a great way to unite any club, group, or team, and can even help inspire others to join the cause. Take a look at some inspiring team names below. If you want to add your favorite to a t-shirt or tank top, just pick a product and start designing.

Motivational Philanthropy Team Names

No Minimum

Bring the Change

Do Gooders



Century Gothic was born in 1991. This geometric sans serif (meaning a font that lacks serifs at the end of it’s strokes) was released by Monotype Imaging. Century Gothic is a call back to the International Typeface Corporation’s “Avant Garde” and is often times used as a replacement for the font created in 1970. Century Gothic is considered a “safe” font because it translates across so many different programs with ease.

Our Font of the Week images are created by Emily Clark, an Expert Production Artist at CustomInk and a self-declared font addict. Font of the Week fuels Emily’s passion to research and learn more about beloved typefaces like Century Gothic. What font should Emily feature next? Sound off in the comments below!


Educators Rising” and “Treasure Island – 6th Grade Boys Theater Wheel” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

The high school girls of Educators Rising, a student organization designed to support future teachers in New Hampshire, were ecstatic to receive their new club shirts. They wore them around school with pride and even attracted some new members with their fun design!

At Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas, the 6th graders are exposed to all aspects of fine arts, which they refer to as the Wheel. Pictured are 6th grade boys from the Theater Wheel, wearing their new CustomInk shirts for an upcoming production in of Treasure Island. The shirts represent more than just fabric and ink to this group; they represent lasting memories of a show, friends, and fun times!

Visit the contest and Like your favorites.


Wordart Letters Numbers

Our Design Lab is smarter than you think! CustomInk offers a ton of clipart that goes beyond that perfect palm tree for a family vacation or that paw print for your adopt-a-thon—try searching “vacation” or “adopt” to get a glimpse at the great word art we have to offer.


Our super talented Design Resources team knows you want more than the perfect product and clipart for your design—that’s why they’ve worked hard to create popular word art phrases, numbers, and letters. Take advantage of their talents by taking your design from great to WOW with word art!

Get creative and use a mix of letter and number word art on your design. We know—you had no idea we offered such a huge variety of word art phrases, letters, and numbers. Think beyond the add text tool, and add art instead!

Need a little more help with your design? We’ve got you covered! Not only does Design Resources make great word art, they’ve perfected a ton of quality Design Templates! From sports of all varieties to holiday specific templates, we’re sure we’ve got the right option for you.


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