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Fathers Day T-Shirt Designs

It’s time to celebrate Dad! We rounded up the top things the whole family can do with dad, or anyone who is like a dad, this Father’s Day. Inkers even got in on the fun to share some of their favorite Father’s Day memories. Enjoy!

1. Fire up the grill and host a cookout.

Nothing says summer like a good barbecue with family and friends. This year, Father’s Day happens to fall on the first day of summer, so dust off the grill, bring out the steaks, and celebrate the new season and Dad at the same time.

“My favorite Father’s Day was the first one since I became a father. My father and
father-in-law met and we had a big cookout with the whole family. Much fun was had!”
– Matt G. Production

2. Root for the home (or away!) team at a baseball game.

Take dad out to enjoy America’s favorite pastime and cheer on his team. You can also have your own baseball – or wiffle ball – game in your backyard or at a park.

Last year my wife took me and my son to his first baseball game on the Fourth of July for Father’s Day. The greatest American Dad’s day ever. My son loved the ball game. He caught a game ball and ate a hot dog, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks. It was a perfect day!
– Doug C. Production Art





weird artwork for t-shirt designsOver the course of 15 years, we’ve seen some pretty unique t-shirt designs. From super silly to downright questionable, the creativity of our customers is astounding. To keep up with their cleverness, we’ve added hundreds of fonts and amazing artwork. Looking for a Sasquatch eating an ice cream cone? We’ve got that! No matter the occasion, event, or reason, we have the tools you need to unleash your imagination.


Mud – it’s wet, dirty, sludgy, and sometimes even a little stinky.

We cringe when it’s tracked into our homes and we beeline for the washer as soon as it gets on our clothes.

While jumping in puddles is irresistible as a kid, the older we get, the more and more we seem to side-step.

But perhaps we have it all wrong. Maybe mud isn’t so bad…except where it’s a “season” that goes on for far too long.

So this spring we’re trying something new; We’re lacing up our shoes and enlisting the company of a running crew.

It’s only day two, but thanks to a little help from Toto, the sky isn’t looking so blue.

We’re finally in the swing of things; We’ve perfected our gait and we’ve even chosen a mud run team name – “Law and Odor,” now tell us that isn’t great!

So before you sigh, saying “oh gross, I got mud on my shoes,” grab your brother, your sister, your girlfriend, heck, even your mother, and tell them the news.

You’ve signed everyone up for a mud run, and you’ve even designed muddy team tees to add to the fun!


Corn holeCornhole, Tailgate, bean bag toss, doghouse, or simply Bags – call it what you want, it’s king among lawn games. With the school year almost complete, and field days and barbecues in full effect, there’s oodles of opportunity for fun outdoor competition. So, grab your beanies, a trusty teammate or two, choose that perfect cornhole team name (the cornier the better), and get ready to unleash your inner cornado. What’s that you say? You’ve never played before?! Fret not – here’s a handy-dandy how-to sure to clear up any cornfusion.




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