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For over six years, we’ve been collecting customer stories in our Ink of the Week contest. Throughout the years, we’ve heard from some truly amazing customers about how their CustomInk orders helped to unite their community and take their event to the next level. We’re compiling a handful of stories to show you some of the communities we’ve recently touched.


2015-07-18_Focus_HopeDetroit Mower Gang

The Detroit Mower Gang gets together every other Wednesday to mow abandoned playgrounds in the city. Recently, they teamed up with Focus: HOPE and 15,000 volunteers to clean up vacant lots, board abandoned homes and introduce new rain gardens, public art, and trees to Detroit neighborhoods. The group shirts were a huge hit and helped the group “kick grass!”



love_every_day3Mason’s Crew

This customer has been ordering Mason’s Crew t-shirts since 2013, the year she lost her son before his first birthday. In memory of Mason, family and friends gather each year on his birthday to honor his memory and hold an “Un-Birthday celebration that benefits children and teens living in group foster care in the Tucson area.” Wearing their “Love Every Day” shirts, this community spreads happiness, smiles, help, and love to those in need.



Keep_Calm_PhotoDancePlus+ Aerobics

This small group of ladies from Salem, Oregon gets together twice a week to dance and perform aerobics to music – anything from oldies to gospel to Broadway to classics. Some of these women also frequent care centers in the area to perform routines for the elderly.



grampyGrampy’s 70th Skydiving Birthday

Grampy turned 70 years old on August 5th and all he wanted to do for his birthday was go skydiving. Grampy and his family traveled to Amelia Island for the big adventure and they all supported him by wearing “Geronimo” custom shirts – even ordering a special Happy Birthday tee for the man of the hour!




“DPT’s in Fabulous Tees” and “The Adpearance Nerdherd” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!


As you can see from the photo, students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Western University are one big happy family! On the first day of classes this year, these first-time customers greeted new students in style with shirts designed by one of their very own classmates.


The Adpearance Nerdherd hails from Portland, Oregon. They’re a close-knit crew of digital marketers, designers, developers, content writers, and account directors working for Adpearance, Inc. Marketing Agency. In just six years, this company has grown from a team of 5 to over 70, and in that time, the Nerdherd has dozens of fond memories and inside jokes. For their third order, the group illustrated their favorite things about the Adpearance Nerdherd culture and put it on a t-shirt. The Nerdherd now has a fun (and super comfy) way of showing their pride!

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“Remembering Cupi” and “Team Bev 2015” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!


These customers wanted to create something they could wear to remember Cupi, a friend they had recently lost. At the funeral, which took place in a hockey rink, 350 shirts were given out for everyone to wear. Afterwards, this small group of friends went back to his house and celebrated his life.


This was the 3rd year Team Bev participated in a walkathon to raise money to help find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. This walk around Lake Zurich, IL has grown year after year with just 25 walkers it’s first year, to over 70 in 2015! We know next year will be an even bigger success and we can’t wait to help you on another amazing design!

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For over six years, we’ve been collecting customer stories in our Ink of the Week contest. Throughout the years, we’ve heard from some truly amazing customers about how their CustomInk orders helped to unite their community and take their event to the next level. To show you some of the communities we’ve touched, we’ve compiled a handful of stories that caught our eye this past month.


turtleOff Like a Herd of Turtles

With their recent reorder, this group of family and friends honored Mike Kipila at a recent American Cancer Society event for prostate cancer called Run for Dad. When this customer lost her dad, Mike, in 2013, she made it her mission to find a cure for prostate cancer and help save the lives of others. Mike was an avid biker and road captain of his motorcycle club, and when he’d look back to his lineup of riders with their helmets on, he’d say “We’re off like a Herd of Turtles.” It’s from this that the team name was born.



4th_of_July_ReunionA Louisiana Reunion

Years after Hurricane Katrina displaced many of the residents living in Meraux, Louisiana, this group came together to plan a neighborhood reunion for friends to revisit their roots and catch up with each other. To commemorate the first official reunion, an order of over 250 shirts was organized with the Group Order Form and all the shirts were distributed along Walkers Lane the weekend of July 4th.



Smile_2Bright Future for First Graders

With the end of 1st grade coming to a close, Alexis decided to surprise her class with custom tie-dye t-shirts. Throughout the year, there was a yellow sun with sunglasses that hung in the classroom to remind the class to work hard, be happy, and have fun, so it was only fitting that she get a smiley face sun with shades printed on the shirts with the phrase, “My future is so bright I have to wear shades!”



BAA_3Burtonsville Wresting Camp

For 20+ years Christy and her husband have been running the Burtonsville Athletic Association Youth Wresting Camp for young boys in the community. “With no air conditioning in the high school, it was a long, hot week for campers and counselors,” but at the end of it all, they celebrated their hard work with custom t-shirts!



Purple_Stride_Team_With_Luck_from_Chuck_2015Luck from Chuck – A WINNER!

This charity customer’s 2011 New Year’s resolution was to become a runner. With the help of her first running coach, Chuck, she was able to achieve that goal her first year – running three 5ks. Also occurring that first year was some devastating news of Chuck’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Although he soon passed away, to this day she has Chuck to thank for getting her on her feet and helping achieve her goal. She now coaches others through the No Boundaries program and participates in pancreatic cancer run/walks in memory of her dear friend.



DSC_9119Farewell to a Dynasty

At the end of the year, Cesar Tarrant Elementary School will be closed for good, and the teachers and staff will be going off to different locations. Using our Group Order Form, this group decided to order shirts to commemorate the end of the year. “Though we will be going off to various locations, our shirts will always remind us of the family that we are and always will be.”



“Losey Family Reunion 2015” and “Team #LiveDan” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!


The Losey Family gets together every year to host their annual family reunion. Wearing awesome t-shirts while they are together is a must. This year’s reunion was held in Ashland, Oregon and everyone wore neon green shirts so they could stand out! This is a family tradition that will continue for years to come. We can’t wait to make next year’s shirts!


This customer’s brother lost his life on Mount Everest April 25th after the devastating earthquake in Nepal triggered an avalanche. To celebrate his wild sense of adventure, Tricia and her friends ran in an Insane Inflatable 5K, which consisted of a dozen huge inflatable obstacles throughout the course. His love for dinosaurs made the artwork an easy choice! These racerback tanks included T-Rex and their team name #LiveDan. It was our pleasure to print your heartfelt design to remember your brother!

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