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Zombie CloseupEvery Halloween, Inkers are encouraged to come to work in costume and we hold a photo contest office-wide for the best one. It’s a great idea, since we have so many creative people in the office. This year was no exception, and there were some sweet costumes on display. We had 3 Production Artists dress as “rock, paper, scissors”, a team as The Mighty Ducks, and half of Marketing as the game Ms. Pac Man. And plenty more! Check out some of our photos below.



Custom Built Bikes by Jason K - Inker Gallery 2012
Every month, CustomInk offers Inkers the opportunity to showcase any artwork they’ve created outside of work in the “Inker Gallery” featured in our Cafe. One of our recent features was by one of our Expert Production Artists, Jason K. He builds bikes.



Cornhole CollageWe’ve just completed CustomInk’s First Official Cornhole Tournament, and it was a heck of a lot of fun. Thank goodness for nice weather, an outdoor patio to play on, and our super cool employer letting us do this!

One of the most enjoyable things about participating in the tourney (other than getting away from the desk for a 1/2 hour and spending some time in the sun) was picking a unique team name. Inkers, if you didn’t already know have some seriously creative minds, and LOVE word play.

So if you’re in need of a cornhole team name, you’re in luck. We’ve got some of the funniest and creative team names fellow Inkers here at CustomInk came up with for the tourney. Please enjoy and feel free to take one for your team.

Creative & “Corny” Cornhole Team Names

So Corny

Maize in Yo’ Face


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Thought I’d share these wonderful words of praise for the late, great Steve Jobs that our CEO e-mailed to us last night:

Dear Inkers,

As you may have heard, Steve Jobs passed away earlier this evening at age 56.

I don’t usually get too enamored with public figures — whether movie stars, politicians, or even celebrity entrepreneurs — but I have to admit, I’ve gotten pretty into Steve Jobs. In Apple and Pixar, he helped create two companies that just do things so incredibly well — from design, to engineering, to production, to branding — that it’s both inspiring and humbling. I used to take some solace in dismissing Apple as snobs… until I called their tech support for the first time and experienced (much to my dismay) wonderful and sincere customer service.

Over the past decade, through a series of sometimes baffling but brilliantly intertwined strategic moves, combined with “insanely great” execution, Apple revolutionized consumer electronics and arguably entertainment. In the process, it’s become one of the most valuable companies in the world and probably the most admired. And keep in mind that while driving this amazing ascent, Steve Jobs was also fighting for his life against cancer. What awesome optimism and courage.

At times, Apple’s performance is so good that it makes them seem almost not human, but of course they are. They are just talented, flawed, real people, like us, who are nuts about doing great work. In fact, part of what makes it all so inspiring is that this was by no means a straight shot to glory. I won’t try to share the details myself, but you may get a lot out of this 2005 commencement speech by Steve Jobs, in which he shares a lot of his personal and professional story, along with some profound insights on life.


-Marc Katz



Marc KatzDear Customers,

Since 2000, we’ve loved helping our customers create over 25 million awesome custom t-shirts! Today, I’m excited to introduce the new face of CustomInk.

Meet Inky, the CustomInk octopus, tireless champion of custom t-shirts and their power to bring people together. They can turn a group into a team, elevate a gathering to an event, or make a special moment more… well, momentous. That’s why we care so much about your orders and have coined the slogan: T-shirts Unite!™

Our internal mascot for years, Inky is now ready for prime time. Fun yet professional, we know this little guy will do us proud. Visit the new to see Inky in his natural habitat, along with two great additions:

  • An Online Sign-Up Sheet that makes it easy to collect sizes from your group.
  • Thousands of exclusive CSA™ images added to our library. (From renowned designer Charles S. Anderson.)

You’ll be glad to know a lot hasn’t changed. We still have the same fun & easy Design Lab and high-quality products. And we’re still the same service-obsessed Inkers – as fanatical as ever about delivering your order perfect and on-time!

You keep creating amazing custom t-shirts, and we’ll keep working to make them easier, better, and faster.

T-shirts Unite!
Marc Katz

P.S. If you’re the curious type, check out this video about Inky’s origins, as told by our design partner, Charles S. Anderson.


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