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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’d like to share with the world some of the funny, heartwarming and just memorable breast cancer awareness and breast cancer walk slogans we get from our wonderful customers.

Breast Cancer Slogans

We hope you use them or they inspire you to come up with a catchy phrase to put on your breast cancer awareness shirts your next fund-raising event.

Big or Small, Let’s Save Them All

Busting Our Buns for Boobs



UPDATE: Together, 4,000 of Us Made a Stand Against Bullying

We are proud and humbled that on today’s airing of “Dr. Phil,” the studio audience was wearing STOMP Out Bullying™ t-shirts courtesy of yours truly, CustomInk.

The show was dedicated to the prevention of bullying and helping empower victims of bullies.

When the camera pans you can see the audience wearing the blue “STOMP Out Bullying™” t-shirts.

October is National Anti-Bullying month and to help put an end to bullying we are donating 100% of profits from your custom anti-bullying shirts to our national partner, STOMP Out Bullying™.

We carefully selected this leading non-profit organization because of their unyielding commitment to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying and other abuse, and to educate against hatred and deter violence in schools.

Help join the stance against bullying with STOMP Out Bullying™ t-shirts designed by your favorite celebrities or create one of your own!



Replica Football JerseyHomecoming season is in full stride and that means it’s time for the ladies to hit the football field and the young men to don short skirts and poms poms on the sidelines for the annual powder puff football game.

Go Juniors! Go Seniors!

Our contribution to the annual fun is culled from our collective fans (that would be you, our dear customers!).

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Thought I’d share these wonderful words of praise for the late, great Steve Jobs that our CEO e-mailed to us last night:

Dear Inkers,

As you may have heard, Steve Jobs passed away earlier this evening at age 56.

I don’t usually get too enamored with public figures — whether movie stars, politicians, or even celebrity entrepreneurs — but I have to admit, I’ve gotten pretty into Steve Jobs. In Apple and Pixar, he helped create two companies that just do things so incredibly well — from design, to engineering, to production, to branding — that it’s both inspiring and humbling. I used to take some solace in dismissing Apple as snobs… until I called their tech support for the first time and experienced (much to my dismay) wonderful and sincere customer service.

Over the past decade, through a series of sometimes baffling but brilliantly intertwined strategic moves, combined with “insanely great” execution, Apple revolutionized consumer electronics and arguably entertainment. In the process, it’s become one of the most valuable companies in the world and probably the most admired. And keep in mind that while driving this amazing ascent, Steve Jobs was also fighting for his life against cancer. What awesome optimism and courage.

At times, Apple’s performance is so good that it makes them seem almost not human, but of course they are. They are just talented, flawed, real people, like us, who are nuts about doing great work. In fact, part of what makes it all so inspiring is that this was by no means a straight shot to glory. I won’t try to share the details myself, but you may get a lot out of this 2005 commencement speech by Steve Jobs, in which he shares a lot of his personal and professional story, along with some profound insights on life.


-Marc Katz


CustomInk, the “design online” custom t-shirt company, today announced the launch of its “Be Good to Each Other” campaign. Coinciding with the back-to-school season and October’s National Bullying Prevention Awareness month, the campaign encourages student groups and others to take a stand against bullying by designing and wearing their own a anti-bullying t-shirts. All profits from these sales will benefit non-profit partner STOMP Out Bullying™, a leading national anti-bullying program. The “Be Good to Each Other” campaign is an effort of the CustomInk Three Hearts Initiative, the company’s new charitable giving and public service arm, which strives to use the power of custom t-shirts to do good.

“CustomInk strives to live by the Golden Rule. It’s how we treat our customers and our teammates, and we want to encourage students to be good to each other as well,” commented CustomInk Co-founder and President Marc Katz. “We believe in the power of t-shirts to bring people together, and hope that by supporting kids who take a stand for kindness and tolerance, we can help make a difference in preventing bullying.”


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