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2011 High School Seniors Class Shirt

Recently I spent a week updating our Senior Class shirts to 2011, and of course making some new designs.  I took a peek at some of the recent designs by our customers to spot any new trends.  It makes me feel less old knowing that one trend is still going strong among the upper classmen… Seniors RULE!  More specifically, they are the royalty of the school.  That’s what I decided was missing from our templates, kingly designs befitting those looking to assert their supremacy on the lower serfdom.  And for those of you still working your way up… I have a few designs to help you band together against the monarchy!

About the Author - Kat Hubbs

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  1. 51 mos, 1 wk ago

    Love the custom print school designs. It’s great to see so many different ones that you have on offer as here in Australia everything is the same.

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